Light Appeared in the 'T1 Tunnel' of Kırkdilim Crossing, the Black Sea Region's Gate to Central Anatolia

Light Appeared in T Tunnel at Kirkdilim Pass, Black Sea Region's Gate Opening to Central Anatolia
Light Appeared in the 'T1 Tunnel' of Kırkdilim Crossing, the Black Sea Region's Gate to Central Anatolia

📩 19/12/2022 16:04

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu emphasized that light was also seen in the T1 Tunnel at the Kırkdilim Crossing, the gateway of the Black Sea Region to the Central Anatolia Region, and said, “When the project is completed, the existing road will be of high standard with the comfort of a divided road and tunnel on the route connecting the Black Sea to Central Anatolia. will be passed. Travels between steep cliffs and cliffs will be a thing of the past.”

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu made statements at the Kırkdilim Tunnel Crossing T1 light-seeing ceremony. Under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, by taking the Turkey Century Vision as a guide, Karaismailoğlu stated that they continue to take the steps to meet the needs of tomorrow in the most accurate way in 81 provinces of Turkey, and said, We are taking firm steps forward to transform Turkey into a global logistics superpower. For this, we are storming services and works in all corners of Turkey. We are building investments that will meet the needs of tomorrow in the most accurate way with our close to 5 thousand colleagues at our nearly 700 thousand construction sites and service points.”


Emphasizing that they added strength to the power of the road transport network, especially with the road move started in 2003, Karaismailoğlu noted that 1 percent of the Ministry's expenditure of over 653 trillion 60 billion liras for Turkey's transport and communication investments belongs to highways.

Karaismailoğlu stated that an investment of 2003 billion 2022 million liras was made for highways between 995 and 900, and said in his statement:

“We have completed the works that can be done in 100 years in 20 years; We have turned our country into an international corridor with our success in large-scale transportation projects that require advanced technology, such as the Eurasia Tunnel, the Yavuz Sultan Selim, Osmangazi and 1915 Çanakkale Bridges, and the Istanbul-İzmir, Ankara-Niğde and Northern Marmara Motorways. We connected the world to Turkey. We have moved our country forward with divided roads, highways, mega projects and smart transportation systems. In this way, we started to export our knowledge, skills and experience, our engineering capabilities and examples of good practice models to the world. We wrote the history of Turkey in transportation and the success stories of our country together. We increased our existing divided road network of 2003 kilometers before 6 to 100 kilometers. Despite the increasing number of vehicles and increased vehicle mobility, we reduced the rate of accidents on the roads by 29 percent. Every year, we saved the lives of more than 82 thousand citizens thanks to safe roads. Thanks to our investments; only in 13; We saved a total of 2021 billion dollars in fuel, time, vehicle maintenance and operating costs.”


Minister of Transport Karaismailoğlu, who said, “In addition to the 2023th anniversary of our Republic in 100, the giant works that we have built for 20 years will be the signal flare of the future of our Turkey, the Turkish Century,” said Karaismailoğlu. He said that they continue their service policy with all their strength. Underlining that the construction of 3 kilometers of divided roads continues, Karaismailoğlu noted that they built 665 highway tunnels with a length of 458 kilometers, 127 bridges and viaducts with a length of 80 kilometers. Underlining that the construction work of the 488 kilometer high-speed train line continues, Karaismailoğlu stated that the 4 thousand kilometer fiber infrastructure work continues. Karaismailoğlu said, “Just as we kept our promises in 262; Just as we have done more than we promised, there is no stopping in 50, just keep going”.


Pointing out that Laçin Provincial Road extending in the north-south direction in Çorum, which is at the junction of the roads connecting Central Anatolia to the Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia to the West, constitutes the mountainous part of the Kırkdilim Pass route, Karaismailoğlu gave the following information about the project:

“In the area where landslides occur frequently, a climbing strip was added to the road built as a service road in previous years and the continuity of transportation was ensured. However, in Kırkdilim, which takes its name from the 40 bends on the route, travels, most of which take place between steep cliffs and cliffs, always make our drivers nervous. In order to eliminate this negative situation and to ensure the safety of our people's property and life, we are implementing our 8,6 kilometers long divided road and tunnel projects between Laçin and Kırkdilim. In our project; We have tunnels with a total length of 1409 meters, including the 1-meter T-1198, 2-meter T-1578 and 3-meter T-4 Tunnel, each of which was built as a double tube. The project also includes 185 at-grade intersections and 3 underpasses. We had completed the excavation works of the T-2 and T-2 tunnels in previous periods. Today, we are proud of completing the excavation work in the T-3 Tunnel. Kırkdilim Tunnel Crossing forms an important part of the north-south axis that provides easy access to Çorum, Osmancık, Dodurga, Laçin and Kargı districts, and also starts from Sinop and reaches the Mediterranean via Çorum, Yozgat, Kayseri and Niğde. When the project is completed, it will be ensured that the existing road on the route connecting the Black Sea to Central Anatolia will be passed to a high standard with the comfort of a divided road and tunnel. Life and property safety will be established on the route. Travels between steep cliffs and cliffs will be a thing of the past. Existing 1 kilometers of road; Compared to the old route, it will be shortened by 10,2 kilometers and reduced to 1,6 kilometers, and travel time on the road will be reduced.”


Expressing that they attach special importance to each project that will strengthen the transportation network in Çorum and that they follow all projects closely, Karaismailoğlu stated that they have spent over 20 billion liras for Çorum's transportation and communication investments in the last 9 years. Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport, said, “While there were only 2003 kilometers of divided roads in 59, we made 308 kilometers more, increasing the length of the divided highway by 5 times to 367 kilometers. We increased the bituminous hot pavement road length in the province from 59 kilometers to 422 kilometers. Between 2003-2022; We have completed important projects such as Samsun-Ankara Road, North Tetek Axis, Çorum-Sungurlu separation, Alaca Çorum-Yozgat road, Alaca entrance, İskilip city crossing, İskilip-Çankırı road and Saraydüzü-Kargı Road. The total cost of our 12 highway projects, which are currently ongoing throughout Çorum, is 11 billion liras.”


Emphasizing that they see the 'road' as one of the symbols of civilization, Karaismailoğlu said, “We say roads are like streams. Just as rivers add life to the places they pass through, every new road built also adds life to the employment, production, trade, culture, tourism and art of the places they pass through. With all of our projects that we have implemented and that are still under construction; With the developing transportation network of Çorum, which carries the cultural heritage of the Hittites, an ancient and rich civilization, the number of visitors will increase many times over. The city's tourism, trade and production activities will rise to even higher levels.

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