Istanbulites Attention! Customization Required for Free Shipping on New Year's Eve

Attention Istanbulites, Personalization is Required for Free Transportation on New Year's Eve
Istanbulites Attention! Customization Required for Free Shipping on New Year's Eve

As of Sunday, January 1, 2023, only personalized Istanbulkart holders will be able to benefit from free transportation. Personalization can be done easily at In addition, IMM increased the number of flights in the metro, metrobus and buses, with the prediction that the demand for transportation will increase on New Year's Eve.

As part of the Istanbulkart Personalization campaign, as of January 1, 2023, rights such as transfer, distance-based fare refund and free transportation on public holidays will be valid only for personalized Istanbulkart users.

On Sunday, January 2023, the first official holiday of 1, only personalized Istanbulkart holders will have free transportation on IETT, Metro, Funicular, Tram, City Lines Ferries and private sea engines integrated into public transportation.

Users who want to benefit from these rights, which are exclusive to Istanbul residents, will have to personalize their anonymous Istanbulcards. Non-personalized Istanbulkarts will continue to be used for transportation and shopping, but will not be able to benefit from special offers for Istanbulkart.


In order to customize Istanbulkart, the form at can be filled. Customization can also be done by following the directions in the 'add card' field on the home page of the Istanbulkart Mobile application. In addition to these steps, you can easily personalize your cards by contacting 153.


Personalization can only be done on the red anonymous Istanbulkart. Istanbulkarts with special status (student, teacher, mother, over 60 and 65 years old) will continue to benefit from all the campaigns. Red-colored anonymous Istanbulkarts can be purchased and used instantly by anyone who wants them through ticket machines and authorized points. Users who do not want to personalize will be able to continue to benefit from transportation with anonymous Istanbulkarts.


Considering the possible density on New Year's Eve, IMM increased the number of public transportation trips. Accordingly, on New Year's Eve, additional services were put on 13 separate bus lines.

Between 12 o'clock and 05 a.m. on Saturday night, the number of flights on 13 separate lines, which was normally 57, was increased to 168. 15F Beykoz – Kadıköy, 11US Sultanbeyli – Üsküdar, 130A Tuzla Kadıköy, 17 Pendik – Kadıköy, 19S Newborn / Sarigazi – Kadıköy, 16D Altkaynarca-Pendik-Kadıköy, 12A Uskudar-Kadıköy, 129T Bostancı-Taksim, 76D Bahçeşehir - Taksim, 89C Başakşehir - Taksim, 55T Gaziosmanpaşa - Taksim, 40 Rumelifeneri - Taksim, 25G Sarıyer - Taksim lines.


In addition to the night services normally organized on the Metrobus line, 260 more flights will be made. In addition, the metro services will continue throughout the night. The M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M9 metro lines and the F1, F4 funicular line will operate uninterrupted at the beginning of the year. The T1, T3, T4, T5 tram lines will serve until 2 am. On Sunday, January 1, all IETT and metro services will be organized according to the Sunday schedule applied every weekend.

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