Increase in Public Transport in Istanbul! Here are the New IETT, Marmaray, Metro, Metrobus Fees

Ask to Increase Public Transport in Istanbul New IETT Marmaray Metro Metrobus Fees
Increase in Public Transport in Istanbul! Here are the New IETT, Marmaray, Metro, Metrobus Fees

Public transport in Istanbul has increased by 29,1 percent. After the hike, the fees for IETT bus, metrobus, yellow dolmus, blue dolmus, tramway, yellow taxi, school bus have changed. Citizens are curiously investigating the full akbil and student akbil filling fees after the news of the hike. Well, how much were the IETT, metrobus and minibus fees? Here are the bus, metrobus, tram, taxi, minibus, student akbili and full akbil fees after the increase in public transportation in Istanbul.

With the unanimous decision of UKOME, the price of all public transportation fees in Istanbul was updated by 29,1 percent in the new year.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) convened extraordinary and determined the public transportation fee schedule for 2023. At the meeting, chaired by IMM Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar, since the UKOME meeting in April 2022, where the last fee schedule was held, fuel prices were increased by 3,67 percent, the monthly minimum wage by 54,64 percent (based on 5.500 TL) and inflation by 25,35 percent. It was stated that there was an increase (according to November 2022 Inflation). Accordingly, the cumulative increase rate was determined as 29,10 percent.

Due to the increase in the cost of public transportation offered to Istanbul residents, in order to ensure that the services continue in an effective and sustainable manner, a 29,10 percent fee is charged to the public transportation (electronic ticket, minibus, taxi, minibus) fare tariffs and 19,95 percent to the service fees. The increase was unanimously approved. The new service fees will be applied in the second academic year.

According to this; The new price list is as follows:

• Full Electronic Ticket Fee from 7,67 TL to 9,90 TL,

• Student Electronic Ticket Fee from 3,74 TL to 4,83 TL,

• Teacher Electronic Ticket Fee from 5,49 TL to 7,09 TL,

• Full Subscription Fee from 602 TL to 777 TL,

• Student Subscription Fee from 109 TL to 140 TL,

• Marmaray longest distance Fee from 16,97 TL to 21,91 TL,

• Metrobus longest distance Fee from 11,38 TL to 14,69 TL,

• Yellow Taxi Taximeter Opening Fee from 9,80 TL to 12,65 TL,

• Yellow Taxi Distance Fee from 6,30 TL to 8,51 TL per km,

• Yellow Taxi Timetable Fee is 67,20 TL from 100,80 TL per hour,

• Yellow taxi short distance fare from 28 TL to 40 TL,

• Minibus Hop-On Hop-Off Fee from 5,25 TL to 7 TL,

• School Bus 0-1 Km Fee from 660 TL to 792 TL,

• Personnel Service 10-17 Seats (Minibus) Fee from 352,15 TL to 422,41 TL

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