Istanbul Showed Its Will and Protected Imamoglu

Istanbul Showed Its Will To Own Imamoglu
Istanbul Showed Its Will and Protected Imamoglu

Table of Six leaders; CHP Chairman Kılıçdaroğlu, IYI Party Chairman Akşener, Future Party Chairman Davutoğlu, Democrat Party Chairman Uysal and DEVA Party Chairman Babacan, IMM President who was sentenced to 2 years, 7 months and 15 days in prison by the local court and was ruled to be politically banned. Ekrem İmamoğluHe met with hundreds of thousands of Istanbulites in Saraçhane to support . Emphasizing 'Justice' in their speeches, the leaders underlined that the national will cannot be hindered. Kılıçdaroğlu said, “The will of 16 million Istanbulites has been dealt a blow by a judge. We will rebuild the national will again, but again. We will clean the wolves in the tree of justice one by one,” Akşener said, adding, “Istanbulites calling out to a theater, to an injustice, to those who wrap their black robes and black robes; you say, 'If the palace is yours; Sarachane is ours.' You say, 'If cruelty is yours, injustice is yours; The ballot box is ours.” İmamoğlu also expressed his feelings, “You showed your day to those who want to set a barrier to your will 3,5 years ago and twice. You will show it again, I have no doubt. Never lose your hope. This case is not a case against me. Because this case is not a party case. This case is a country case. This case is a justice case. This case is an equality case. Because we see this case as the case of leaving a strong and democratic Turkey to our children. Believe me, 2023 will be very beautiful”.


Istanbul Showed Its Will To Own Imamoglu

Table of Six leaders; CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, IYI Party Chairman Meral Akşener, Future Party Chairman Ahmet Davutoğlu, Democrat Party Chairman Gültekin Uysal and DEVA Party Chairman Ali Babacan were sentenced to 2 years, 7 months and 15 days in prison by the local court and ruled to be politically banned. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluHe met in Saraçhane to support . Deputy Chairman of the Felicity Party, Temel Karamollaoğlu, who could not attend the meeting due to health problems, was represented by Deputy Chairman Sabri Tekir. The event, which was organized under the name of “The Nation is Protecting its Will”, was supported by the mayors of the metropolitan municipalities, the district mayors of the Nation Alliance, the Six Table Istanbul provincial presidents and political party representatives. Among those who supported the IMM President were İmamoğlu's wife Dilek İmamoğlu and his eldest son Selim İmamoğlu. About 200 thousand citizens, who wanted to witness the historical moment, filled the street and square in front of the main campus of IMM in Saraçhane with Turkish flags in their hands. İmamoğlu welcomed the Six Table leaders one by one in front of the İBB and hosted them in the office room. In the event, respectively; Ekrem İmamoğlu, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, Ali Babacan, Gültekin Uysal, Ahmet Davutoğlu, Meral Akşener and Sabri Tekir made speeches.


CHP Chairman Kilicdaroglu
CHP Chairman Kılıçdaroğlu, who came to the microphone under the slogans of “Power”, said:

We'll be in power, don't worry. I will share my thoughts with you in 11 items. one; Mevlana says, 'Justice is like the pole star. He stands still and the universe revolves around him.' It is the injustice we experience that has brought us here today. But I promise before all of you: Justice will come or it will come. 1; The person who will dispense justice has to decide according to the rule of law and his conscience. Let me state it again. The person who will dispense justice, that is, the judge, has to decide according to the rule of law and his conscience. Failure to do so will result in injustice. 2; The person who will dispense justice will never sit at the table of the king, the table of the sultan, or the table of the palace. Because the fatwa given by the scholar sitting at the table is wrong and not correct. 3; Country resistance. The first article of the 4 and 1921 constitutions is as follows: 'Sovereignty belongs to the nation.' In today's language, written in the new constitution and on the wall of the parliament, 'Sovereignty belongs to the nation unconditionally.' The will of the nation has been hit today. The will of 1924 million Istanbulites was dealt a blow by a judge. We will rebuild the national will again, but again.”


“Article 5; justice has become a fundamental problem in Turkey, where we live today. Because, ask any citizen on the street, 'Is there justice in this country'; Rest assured, most of them will say, 'There is no justice in this country'. But we, as the Six Table, are committed to justice and we will definitely bring justice to this country. In Turkey today, no one feels safe. The rule of law is not the rule of the superiors. No one speaks to the one who has an uncle. But when a teenager tweets, there is a knock on his door early in the morning and he is taken into custody. We will finish this scene. Don't worry. You will never, ever experience these sights again. 6; There are those who discredit the judiciary. In other words, there are those who sit in the judge's seat and discredit the judiciary. Never forget; The wolf of the tree is within itself. They don't listen to drug lords. Those who come from the party organization sit in the seats of judges and prosecutors. They walk side by side with gangs. Therefore, we will change this table as well. We will clean the worms inside that tree of justice one by one. The tree of justice will be majestic and healthy. 7; We have a beautiful proverb. He says, 'May your cruelty increase so that you will die quickly'. Is there persecution today? No. There has always been oppression in this country. Our deputies were arrested. Journalists were arrested. Our Istanbul Provincial President was also included in the political ban. Our deputies were imprisoned. Therefore, this is a picture where cruelty has increased. This means that they will die soon. And we will send them.”


“8; IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu The decision made about him is never acceptable. The society has hurt its conscience. The conscience of society is bleeding. Everyone should know this very well: The decision made about Ekrem President will not cause us to step back even one millimeter. And we will stand firmly behind the president. Because we have no interest in coupon land. Because we have no desire to turn green spaces into concrete forests. Because we do not have a duty to serve rentiers. Each of our mayors says, 'Service to the public is service to God'. This is how we know the rule. Let me be clear: No one, no power. Ekrem İmamoğluIt cannot prevent him from serving Istanbul. He will do his duty with dignity and honor. 9; We will send those who make injustice the rule. We will send those who despise the unfinished orphan. We will send the coup plotters to the national will. We will send those who discredit the judiciary. Don't worry. Table of Six is ​​stable. We will bring peace and prosperity to this country. We will bring justice. 10; no one should despair. This is not a 100m run. It's a marathon, and we've come to the end of the marathon. After six months you will see a new Turkey. You will see a beautiful Turkey. You will see an embracing Turkey. You will see a fertile Turkey. 11th; Dear Istanbulites, never lower your head. We have 6 months left, we are coming. Shout out too. We come to power. We will be in power."


IYI Party Chairman Aksener

Making his speech by taking İmamoğlu with him and wrapping a scarf around the neck of the İBB President, IYI Party Chairman Akşener said:

“First of all, I want to share the story of this scarf with you. Yesterday, we left here. And as we were leaving, a young girl - her name was Kıymet Doğan - stole my car window. And she took off the scarf from her neck. she said; You will give it to my 'Ekrem President, Meral Sister. I will pray for him.' Therefore, this scarf is Kıymet's scarf. This scarf is the scarf of a young girl who prays in her heart and curses this injustice. I know that Ekrem. The President will keep it like a trust. Those who say 'Sovereignty unconditionally belongs to the nation' are here in Saraçhane, as it was 100 years ago. The representatives of that decision, that principle, that will made 100 years ago, women, men, young people and old people are here. And we are in Saraçhane when those who do not hear the voice of those shouting 'Sovereignty belongs to the nation unconditionally' from Istanbul, when they shut themselves in palaces and do not hear the voice of the nation. Istanbulites calling out to a theater, to an injustice, to those who wear their black robes; you say, 'If the palace is yours; Sarachane is ours.' You say, 'If cruelty is yours, injustice is yours; the ballot box is ours.'”


“The will of 16 million Istanbulites is here. And folks are here. The voice of the people is here. Democracy is here. The will is here. The will of the nation is here and next to my brother Ekrem. Young people say, 'Long live freedom, down with tyranny.' This will, this voice, this heart, this courage, this kindness, this love of democracy, even if they call us 'terrorists' even if they turn their ears to this voice, even if they judge or punish my brother Ekrem unjustly, shows that the will that the punishment to be given at this ballot box is revealed. ; Here, from Saraçhane, we see that 16 million people are beside you, and 85 million Turkey is with you now. No injustice lasts forever. Especially in our beloved nation, it will never last. They go as they come. They went as they came. As they came, they will go by your will. May God be with you. Best regards. I say it again. Democracy is ours. The box is ours. And this will is of course ours.”


DEVA Party Babacan

DEVA Party Babacan used the following expressions in his speech:

“I know you are very angry. We are all very angry. I do not accept those. Ekrem İmamoğlu I reject this unlawfulness done to my brother. I reject the unlawfulness that was done to Ms. Canan a few months ago. I reject the unlawfulness committed against Demirtaş. I reject the government's rematch with the trustees it has appointed to the municipalities it lost the election. That's why all Istanbul should hear our rebellion and cry here. I am here for all Turkey to hear. What is this we shoot? The state takes power and begins to crush those below. He begins to crush his own rivals, those he does not like. He begins to persecute. What goes up crushes what's below. Whoever gets on top starts bullying. The oppressed of yesterday, Mr. Erdogan, starts to oppress others when he leaves. He begins to persecute. I hope we will give our answer together on the day of the ballot box. The numbered days pass quickly. We are against this tyranny in turns in this country. We want justice."


“This nation; On May 27, September 12, February 28, July 15, it is a nation that has buried in the dusty pages of history those who aimed at democracy with guns and rifles. This nation; It is a nation that buried those who persecuted Nazım Hikmetler, Ahmet Kayalar, Necip Fazıllar and Halide Edip into the dusty pages of history. Believe me, this nation will give the best answer to those who ignore their own will at the first ballot box. We are here to say 'Justice for all'. We are here today, in Saraçhane, to say 'freedom for all'. Turkish-Kurdish, it doesn't matter. Sunni-Alawite, it doesn't matter. Life doesn't matter. Believe it or not, it doesn't matter. We are Turkey together. And we say freedom for the whole of Turkey. We call it 'justice'. That's why we're here today.”


“Didn't the current government come to power saying 'I will fight 3Y'? Didn't these people support them? What was 3Y? The fight against corruption, the fight against prohibitions and the fight against poverty. But business turned around; 3Y collapsed on this nation again. Is there poverty? There is. Prohibitions? Request Ekrem İmamoğlu This is a mentality that tries to ban our brother. What a pity. Years later, we are now faced with a mentality that forgets its own struggles and makes others experience the same difficulties and troubles. But you know what the gist of it is? The use of state power should be limited to the duration of the state power and the law. The 3-term rule, these three terms expired in 2015. What did he say on the way from the plane just today? You know, he was saying, 'Let me be a candidate for the last time' or something, he says, 'I will not quit yet'. 'I'm not leaving the party,' he says. It is not enough; It is in the founding contract of the current ruling party. He completed his 2015rd term in 3. But when is the use of state power not limited to that time? When the state does not recognize the law that uses its power; From that moment on, there is power corruption. Power poisoning happens. Because the power to rule the state corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. 85 million is bigger than one. Turkey is bigger than one.”


Uysal, Chairman of the Democratic Party

The headlines of Democratic Party Chairman Uysal's words were as follows:

“Saint Istanbul. Fatih's relic, the holy city. Dear Istanbulites, we are here on a historical day. As the astronaut who first set foot on the moon said, 'One small step for me, but one big step for the history of humanity', we are at the point where an important milestone is reached in the historical march of the Turkish nation. I am in great sadness. I am sad for my nation. I am sad for this great state. On behalf of our young people, whose future is darkened, I am in great sadness. I am in great sadness on behalf of the mothers and fathers who cannot come and see their children. The reason for my sadness is this, dear Istanbulites: This great country does not deserve such evil. He had his executioner do his cruel cruelty. We are starting a great struggle against the oppressor, his executioners and his servants. We become one. Together, we shout, 'Enough, the word of your nation'."


“May 6, 2019 is the date of a major break for Turkish democracy. It is the date when the main pillar of our democracy collapsed. In Istanbul, elected Mayor by the will of the nation Ekrem İmamoğluThe date on which the authorization was obtained. But the national will cannot be blocked. Walls cannot be built in front of the national will. The strength, determination and determination of the nation have demolished those walls that have always been built in front of it. Turkish democracy is the history of this. Dear Istanbulites, today, this endless grudge and grudge, in order to put conditions on the will of the nation, together with the power of those who have come to power by leaning on the nation in Istanbul over time, which has dominated the state, yesterday, Ekrem İmamoğluThey punished him, the city of Istanbul. But they should know that this decision has no equivalent in the conscience of the nation. We know those who made these decisions. We have seen the horizons of those in power with democracy, law. Do not look at those they call the 'Justice and Development Party', their justice has already sunk in the Deniz Feneri cases. This is where I shout out to those who systematically implement justice in this country: If it were on your forehead instead of in your name. We'll see tomorrow. Those who take these decisions, especially in Istanbul, will not be able to walk on the cobblestones of this country with their heads held high.”

DAVUTOĞLU: “WHEN I ENTERED THE IMM BUILDING, TWO Scenes came to life in my memory”

Chairman of the Future Party Davutoglu

The Chairman of the Future Party Davutoğlu briefly used the following statements:

“Today, we are in this square. Our issue is not just to protect the position that Mr. Imamoglu deserves. Our issue is to protect the will of the Istanbul electorate and to protect the democratic values ​​of the Republic of Turkey. Yesterday, the judiciary became politicized. But our issue is above politics. We are here as six general presidents. We are in different political parties. But we all say 'Honor' with the same loud voice. We call it 'fundamental rights and freedoms'. We call it the 'democratic state of law'. This square and this building have witnessed historical scenes. When I entered the IMM building near midnight last night to visit Mr. Imamoglu, two scenes came to mind in my memory. The date was April 21, 1998. A similar conviction was given to Mr. Erdogan. I was in this building then too. And the date is July 15, 2016. Many brave men to defend this building were martyred in Saraçhane to defend democracy against the coup attempt. Something knotted in my heart. Whatever values ​​I defended in the Metropolitan Municipality building on April 21, 1998, whatever values ​​I defended in the national and international press on the evening of July 15, 2016, I am here for the same values ​​and I will be here.”


“I am calling out to the power holders from here. Do not let your absolute power deceive you. Many absolute power holders have been deceived in the past. Those who carried out the May 27 coup, those who carried out the 12 March, 12 September, and 28 February coup, thought that the tutelage order they had established would continue. They thought that those places belonged to them forever. They closed the parties, banned the politicians. They destroyed freedom of thought and the press. But they are gone, our nation's love of democracy remained and will remain. There is the power you hold in your palm, that power will burn you like a burning fire every time you squeeze it so as not to lose it. Return to the conscience of the nation, not to the power that will burn you like a burning fire. If your message to us with the decision you made yesterday is, if you say how we can get the IBB President from his office once again, this time through conviction, if you say that we will put a mortgage on the 2023 elections, if you want to scare us in this way, here is not just for the sake of those who fill this square. I say on behalf of 85 million democracy lovers: We are not afraid, we are not afraid, we will not be afraid. We did not bow to you, we do not bow, we will not bow. We will protect everyone's rights, law and justice, regardless of their political views."


IBB President Ekrem Imamoglu

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluHis historic speech on the historic day was as follows:

“This is Saraçhane, this is your home. This is the nation's home. Here, whatever you say will happen. But first, give me an answer to this question: What do the people who run this country do with our nation and you? What do they want from you? You voted on March 31, they didn't count. They said, '4 of the 3 ballot papers you put in the envelope are valid, the vote you cast for the Metropolitan Municipality is invalid'. They canceled your pure, halal vote and renewed the election. In the past, one day before us, they used to give a lot of loans from public banks to the Metropolitan Municipality you chose. They have not given a penny from the banks of the nation to the administration you have chosen for exactly 1 years. With the management you choose, we find and bring external loans and funds with much more favorable terms. This time, months and years pass, they do not sign and give approval. What do they have to do with you? What do these people want from our nation, from our 3,5 million people?”


"For example; In the past, the decisions about taxis in this city were taken by the Metropolitan Municipality of your choice. 'No,' they said, 'Decisions on taxis will now be taken from Ankara, not Istanbul.' There are more interesting things. This is very funny. For example; In the past, the ownership of Gezi Park belonged to the Metropolitan Municipality of your choice. 'No,' they said, 'Gezi Park will now belong to a foundation.' I could count dozens of other examples, but I won't take your time. You elected a mayor not once, but twice in a row. They got a court order to dismiss and imprison the mayor of your choice. Moreover, they saw that the judge of the court would not decide as they wanted, they made this decision by driving him out and having another judge brought in. For God's sake, what problems do those who run this country have with you, my citizens, what do they have to do with you? What do these people want from you? ('Government resignation', on their voices) No, no; There is no easy escape. Here are the leaders of the six political parties that will send them.”


“I will tell you: The people who run this country are sick, very sick. These are people who are allergic to the will of the nation. If the national will is formed in their favor, there is no problem. But if it takes shape otherwise, allergy disease starts in them. They are doing whatever they can to nullify the national will. But let them do it in vain, in vain, in vain. Neither law nor morality nor religion nor faith; they ignore everything. His eyes see nothing. It is your common conscience that moves such a large crowd here today. We are here against the injustice that unites us all, as well as the blatant injustice, the injustice. If millions of people stand up and pour into the squares, if a nation from Edirne to Kars experiences the same feeling of rebellion, this is a breaking moment. This is a justice reflex. This is proof that consent has been revoked. This happens when there is clearly a lack of conscience and when the nation is unjustly victimized. It happened yesterday and it is happening now.”


“If you are allergic to the will of the nation; If you can't digest the election results, our advice is; You will not engage in politics. If 16 million Istanbulites are not equal in your eyes; If you do not see our 85 million citizens of the Republic of Turkey as one and equal, you will not say, 'I run this country'. Because you don't run this country. You manage some interest groups, elected associations, close family foundations, and some dark circles. They have established an order of waste in Istanbul and they want it to last forever. This was an order that enriched the wealth of a handful of people and hurt the people of Istanbul. Before the election, I asked my fellow countrymen for authorization. I said, 'Give me the task, let me destroy this wasteful order'. I said, 'Let me finish the period of service to individuals, groups, associations, foundations, communities and parties, and offer equal service to 16 million Istanbulites'. The people of Istanbul chose me for this. Evelallah, we put an end to the waste system in Istanbul. We changed the direction of the municipality's resources. We submitted our budget to the disposal of 16 million Istanbulites. A handful of people licked their palms. That is why we are living today, all that has been done to us.”


“We have not only put an end to the waste order. We established an 'insaf order' in Istanbul, we created an order of mercy. Do you know what is insaf? what they don't know. Insaf means 'Justice based on conscience and logic'. Istanbul has been governed for 3,5 years with a sense of justice based on conscience and logic. Istanbulites can no longer tolerate an unscrupulous, illogical, unjust, in short, ruthless administration. We know that, thanks to our 11 Metropolitan Mayors who carry out their duties with this same slogan, our nation does not want the waste system in Turkey anymore. That's why they don't want us. That's why they are dialing a thousand and one numbers to ignore the will of the citizens. I always say; Republic is the name of the regime where the rulers know their limits. Citizens will know their rights, and administrators will know their limits. A republic is such a regime. Regardless of who or what party he is, to dismiss an administrator elected by the votes of the people unjustly and unlawfully is to show his dignity. Trying to design the will of the nation through the judiciary is to show no room.


“The Republic of Turkey, whose centennial we are walking with pride and hope, was founded with the blood, soul and hard work of the citizens of this country. The Republic was established so that everyone living in this land would be one and equal, and live freely and with dignity. The Republic is the nobility of the orphans. As Atatürk said; This Republic was established for 'to ensure and protect the highest freedom, the highest equality and justice in society'. So how do we protect the highest freedom, the highest equality and justice? Atatürk answers that: 'With the establishment of national sovereignty in the full and definite sense...' That is, he says, 'Sovereignty belongs to the indifferent nation'. Turkey is at such a crossroads today. We have to make a choice between those who accept the sovereignty of the nation unconditionally and those who are allergic to the national will. If you want the highest freedom, equality and justice to be achieved and protected in society, you have no other way. You will stand with those who accept national sovereignty unconditionally. You will stand by those who have equal love and respect for all 85 million citizens of the Republic of Turkey.”


“This is why I, as the President of IMM, as a brother of 16 million, say; 'I will be the hardest working soldier of the Table of Six.' In the presence of my General Presidents, I promise in the presence of all of you. I believe in the common mind, the will of the common mind. I believe that society can build a common future together in peace. I am never afraid of them and the void decisions they dictate. I have no judges, prosecutors or courts to take refuge in. I have this great nation behind me; you are, you are. Decided to build the unity of this nation, there are the patriotic leaders of this table and the Turkish Alliance they established. You are now, here today, again and more strongly manifesting the will for unity. The respected leaders speaking here today represent the political will of this expectation. The will of unity here is the only hope, only remedy and greatest power of the country in the face of the government that tries to condemn the society to poverty, injustice and helplessness. The will here is the hope, will and guarantee for Turkey to have a democratic and strong state, a peaceful and prosperous society, and a common future of equal and free citizens. This alliance is the alliance of foresight and foresight. This will and this alliance will put an end to the era of the helpless who think they can rule this country and shape the national will through forced pressure and a judicial coup.”


“From today on, a new era opens for Turkey. We have a lot of work together in the second century of the Republic. We will get rid of being a country whose democracy has been destroyed, whose citizens are condemned to poverty, whose parliament is not made to work, and whose justice has collapsed. We will eliminate the 'corrupt order' they have established in this country. In the words of the late Bülent Ecevit; 'The broken order is repaired, but this order is not broken, it is the rotten order; it must be put to rot like everything rotten.' We will unite our dear nation, divided into camps and polarized. We will put the economy back on track by putting an end to the cost of living. We will bring freedom and democracy to the country, we will make the media independent. As the poet Namık Kemal said; 'No matter how reckless the oppression is, we will destroy the building of oppression. Even if they bury it in the center of the earth, we will blow up the earth.'”


“The solution is clear. The decision we will make in our country in the upcoming elections is clear. The upcoming elections are a very important opportunity for these goals. The decision we will make in the upcoming elections is clear. Will we be law-abiding citizens of a free and democratic country, or will we be doormen? I have hope. I have great hope for a free Turkey where everyone is equal. I dream of a Turkey where not only a small minority but every citizen from east to west, south to north is happy with their country, state and where they live. I have hope for a Turkey where no one dares to use the judiciary like a stick, and where everyone who finds their way in the courthouses believes that justice will be found. I have a dream of a Turkey where young people seek and find their future in their own homeland, not far away. I hope for a country where the will of the people is not mortgaged by lawsuits and trustees, and the will of the nation is not damaged by judicial coups.


“I trust God. Because He does not put the right thing on the way. I trust you. Because you showed your day to those who want to set a barrier to your will 3,5 years ago and twice. You will show it again, I have no doubt. Never lose your hope. Together we will get through these dark days. We will never grieve; but we will work with greater determination. We will never be enraged; But together we will be determined. Because this case is not a case against me. Because this case is not a party case. This case is a country case. This case is a justice case. This case is an equality case. Because we see this case as the case of leaving a strong and democratic Turkey to our children. Believe me, 2023 will be very beautiful. Only for me, not for you or him; It will be very good for all of us, for each of our citizens living in this country. I, not you or him; everyone will win. Our children will win. Our youth will win. You did not leave us alone tonight. I love you all. Together we will continue our fight. Everyone will win and everything will be fine. Everything will be very nice…"

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