2023 Has Already Been Auspicious for İrem

Ireme Has Already Arrived Happy
2023 Has Already Been Auspicious for İrem

📩 31/12/2022 13:49

İrem Derici, who has been on stage for 6 weeks in a row, made the first deal of 2023. İrem Derici, who gave her guests who filled their reservations days in advance, had unforgettable nights with the songs she sang on the stage and her repertoire, gave the last concert of the year in Istanbul the previous night. İrem Derici, who filled her reservations days in advance this week, as she did for 6 weeks, signed an agreement to perform at Sahne Istanbul every Friday night in 2023.

Irem, the Queen of Istanbul nightlife…

Irem Derici

İrem Derici, who received applause for her jokes as well as her songs, said, "I was on the stage at my favorite place for Istanbul nightlife in 2022. I salute the 90's from the stage to the songs that raised me. 'said.

İrem Derici, who talked with her guests in a cut stage, said, "I am an emotional woman. Even though I look bright, it burns me on the outside… I love loneliness. I love one day, I love two days, and the third day I want someone. I will not let anyone upset me,” he said, and shared his content.

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