New Year's Eve Measures Circular from the Ministry of Interior to 81 Provincial Governorships

New Year's Eve Measures Circular from the Ministry of Interior to the Provincial Governorate
New Year's Eve Measures Circular from the Ministry of Interior to 81 Provincial Governorships

The Ministry of Interior sent a circular on "New Year's Measures" to 81 provincial governors in order to ensure that citizens can spend New Year's Eve in an atmosphere of peace and security.

According to the written statement made by the Ministry, within the scope of the circular sent to the governorship of 81 provinces, inspections will be increased in areas where citizens are concentrated, such as touristic places, shopping centers, market places, airports, sea ports, subways and stations.

Controls on the production, distribution and sale of smuggled/fake alcohol will be tightened. Additional traffic measures will be planned for tourism centers and routes where traffic flow will intensify, especially in the provinces where ski facilities are located. The Security and Emergency Situations Coordination Center Presidency (GAMER) will monitor the implementation and inspection activities, especially on New Year's Eve.

In addition, on New Year's Eve, Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, Deputy Ministers Mehmet Ersoy, İsmail Çataklı, Prof. Dr. Tayyip Sabri Erdil, Chief of Police Governor Mehmet Aktaş, Gendarmerie General Commander General Arif Çetin, Coast Guard Commander Rear Admiral Ahmet Kendir and ministry bureaucrats will monitor the measures taken in the field.

81 thousand 219 teams and 490 thousand 435 personnel will work

Inspections will start on 30 December and end on 1 January to ensure that the New Year's Eve is spent in peace and security. Gendarmerie General Command in Inspections; A total of 3 thousand 81 teams and 219 thousand 490 personnel will work for 435 days, from the General Directorate of Security and the Coast Guard Command.

Measures will be taken to the highest level in places where citizens are concentrated

City centers and metropolises, touristic places, shopping malls, marketplaces, markets, airport, sea port, metro, station, terminal, bus stop, universities, schools, guesthouses for university students, dormitories, places of worship and public By increasing the security measures taken in the places, enough law enforcement personnel and tools will be assigned to these places.

Applications for illegal betting will be increased

Practices will be increased to prevent the games called bingo and gambling from being played in coffee houses, coffee houses, associations, association clubs and places operating under the name of cooperatives, and to prevent illegal betting games, which are one of the income sources of criminal organizations.

Additional security measures have been planned in places where winter tourism is intense and on train lines that have been in high demand in tourism transportation such as the Eastern Express.

Inspections on illegal and counterfeit alcohol sales will be increased

Within the scope of the circular; Inspections regarding the production, distribution and sale of smuggled/fake alcohol will be increased, and coordination with relevant institutions will be ensured. Attention will be paid to the meticulous implementation of the Identity Reporting Law in all areas, especially in places that are rented daily, and necessary measures will be taken regarding hotels and accommodation facilities.

Shock security applications will be made

Regarding the New Year's Eve measures, security measures will be tightened with shock security practices, security measures will be increased against all kinds of attacks, sabotage and actions that may occur in facilities with economic / strategic / symbolic importance. In order to ensure the safety of life and property of citizens; During the New Year, security measures will be increased in places/areas where citizens can gather and celebrate, citizens will be informed against thefts that may occur, and preventive patrol teams will be assigned.

Traffic safety will be maximized

In order to ensure traffic safety; Traffic measures will be intensified at the areas/routes where vehicle and travel density can be experienced on urban and extra-urban highways and at the points where pedestrian mobility will occur. In the inspections carried out at intercity bus terminals, intermediate stops and on highway routes, the tachograph, winter tires, light equipment and other technical equipment of the buses will be inspected.

After 24.00 on New Year's Eve, the necessary legal action will be taken against drivers who are found to have consumed alcohol above the limits set in the legislation, with emphasis on alcohol inspections. In the absence of another non-alcoholic driver, the vehicles will be kept in the parking lot of the traffic organizations or in the Veteran's car parks and will be sent to the places where they will go by commercial vehicles to be obtained from the vehicle driver and other persons in the vehicle.

Additional measures to the areas where ski facilities are located

Considering that the traffic flow from other provinces to tourism centers, especially the provinces where ski facilities are located (Bursa-Uludağ, Kocaeli-Kartepe, Ankara-Elmadağ, Bolu-Kartalkaya, Kayseri-Erciyes, Çankırı-llgaz and Erzurum-Palandöken) will intensify, the routes of these provinces should be avoided. Additional traffic measures will be planned. Citizens who want to spend the New Year's holiday in accommodation facilities will take all kinds of measures against the possibility of traffic congestion on inner-city and inter-city routes during the round-trip hours to these facilities.

In order to combat irregular migration/smuggling of immigrants, controls will be tightened for foreigners traveling without a passport/passport substitute or road permit. In provinces with coastlines, deterrent and effective measures against migrant smuggling and illegal activities will be continued together with the Coast Guard Command units and other law enforcement agencies.

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