HÜRJET Received Landing Gear

HURJET Reaches Landing Gear
HÜRJET Received Landing Gear

Developed by TAI, HÜRJET was captured on the landing gear while being pulled from the hangar.

TUSAŞ Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Rafet Bozdoğan had announced that the HURJET planes were largely completed in terms of structure. Another important step has been achieved in the HÜRJET project, Turkey's first jet-powered trainer, originally designed and developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries.

The first of the HÜRJET prototypes, which will make its maiden flight on March 18, 2023, was photographed while being pulled from the hangar on the landing gear. In this context, it is known that the production of the second prototype of HURJET continues.

The works for the 2 prototypes to be produced in the first phase of the project have been completed to a large extent. One of the prototypes will be used in endurance tests and the other in flight tests. The prototype to be used in the endurance test came out of the hangar and will be subjected to full-length static tests. Ground tests will begin soon with the prototype that will fly.

Hürjet will prepare for its maiden flight on March 18, 2023, with engine integration and ground tests. With the tests and development activities to be carried out afterwards, it is aimed that Hürjet will be able to enter the inventory by 2025. It is aimed to reach 2 Hürjet production capacity per month during the mass production period.

The single-engine and tandem cockpit Hürjet has been designed to play a critical role in modern fighter aircraft training with its superior performance features. Hürjet will be able to perform roles such as combat readiness transition training, air patrol (armed and unarmed) and acrobatic demonstration aircraft.

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