Who is Hakkı Bulut, where is he from, how old is he? Hakkı Bulut Songs and Life

Who is Hakki Bulut How old is Hakki Bulut Songs and His Life
Who is Hakkı Bulut, Where is he from, How old is Hakkı Bulut Songs and Life

Hakkı Bulut was born on February 3, 1945 in the village of Aktarla, Mazgirt district, Tunceli province. He attended primary school until the 5th grade in the village where he was born, the 1st grade of the secondary school in Tunceli, and the 2nd grade in Mazgirt. Later, due to financial difficulties, he migrated to Adana with his family and finished secondary school in Ceyhan. After graduating from Adana Boys' High School, he graduated from Adana Teacher Training School. After graduating from the Teachers' School, he continued his career as a director and teacher in various schools for 12 years. Due to the influence of his father playing the saz and his interest in music at a young age, he also dealt with music. Even when he was a child, he sang various folk songs to the women of the village, and as a tip, butter was put between the wheat bread and given to him by the women. Bulut, who got married to Saadet Bulut in 1964, has 5 children.

He made his first record work in 1967. On his first record called Leylam, Orhan Gencebay and Arif Sağ accompanied him by playing baglama. After winning the first place in the Altın Ses competition held in Adana in 1969, he made his second record work, and immediately after that, he sang the piece titled İkimiz Bir Sapanız (1969), whose lyrics and composition belonged to him. This work caused Hakkı Bulut to be loved all over Turkey. Later, he allowed this work to be performed by dozens of artists. (For example; Tülay Özer 1974, İbrahim Tatlıses 1974, Kamuran Akkor 1975)

As one of those who laid the first foundations of today's arabesque music since 1967, with works such as Ben Buyum, Falcı, Ben Köylüyüm, Don't Touch My World, Kul Errorless Olmaz, Son Letter, the artist has produced 18 45 records and 65 albums to this day. The artist, whose compositions and lyrics belong to more than 1000 works, received 6 Gold Records, 1 Gold CD, and the Long Play work titled I Take Back My Repentance, Son Letter, and was awarded numerous awards by various institutions and organizations. In addition, some of the albums he released broke sales records in Turkey.

The artist gave the opportunity to perform the works of which the words belong to him, by giving them to other artists. Nearly 300 of his works have been performed by other artists.

In 1988, those who criticize some of the negativities in arabesque music were asked for an arabesque piece (as an example) from the works of Hakkı Bulut, who was a speaker at the congress organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Culture in order to examine the negativities it created in the country. The artist performed the arrangement of the composition called Seven Kiskanir from the album Seven Kiskanir, which was released 6 months ago, together with Esin Engin and presented the song to the Ministry. With this piece, TRT's doors were officially opened to Arabesque music and Hakkı Bulut for the first time. This song was presented to the public on TRT screens and to the press at Atatürk Cultural Center. There have been some critics who criticized Hakkı Bulut's style called Painless Arabesque in the news of some journalists. In an interview with him, when asked about "Painless Arabesque", the artist said that he did not make such a statement and that it was published in the news of some reporters, Hakkı Bulut said that he did not accept the concept of "Painless Arabesque", "Arabesque music is music that deals with all kinds of lives, happiness and sadness of the people. arabesque is music.” he defined.

The artist has 12 feature films and 2021 albums as of 65. In addition, the lyrics and music belong to him.

Finally, on September 28, 2020, he released his 65th album called "Don't Look For The Enemy Far Away Dude". Hakkı Bulut said in an interview that he would never leave his fans without Hakkı Bulut if he had the chance, and that he would continue music until the age of 120 and complete the number of albums to one hundred.


  • 1977 If You Had Conscience
  • 1978 I Know I'm Thinking of You
  • 1978 Seven Don't Forget
  • 1979 Slum
  • 1980 Since The Day You Left
  • 1981 Repentance to My Rebellion
  • 1982 My Crime And My Punishment
  • 1983 I Take Back My Repentance
  • 1983 Streets of Germany
  • 1984 What am I with
  • 1984 Heart
  • 1984 Half Everything
  • 1984 I'm a Peasant
  • 1985 Don't You Remember
  • 1985 Beautiful Take My Darling / Yellow Girl
  • 1986 Seven Jealous
  • 1987 Always to Me
  • 1988 I'm in love with you
  • 1988 God Saves the Drunk
  • 1989 Repentance Repentance
  • 1989 You Are Beautiful / We Are Captives
  • 1990 Ah Istanbul / What Happened To This City
  • 1991 Don't Cry My Little One
  • 1992 Our Love
  • 1993 I Have a Suicide
  • 1994 Rose Be My Angel
  • 1994 Don't Forget Me
  • 1995 The Case Is Yours Pasha
  • 1996Hakki Cloud Classics
  • 1996 Hakkı Bulut 96 / Come to Us – Good Luck
  • 1997 His Servant Has a Right / Dersim Özlem
  • 1998 Let This Fight Be Over / They Will Chew My Body
  • 1998 Hakkı Bulut Classics 2 / I Take My Repentance Back
  • 1999 Bury Me In The Mountains
  • 2000 I am the king
  • 2001 What Thesis Have You Forgotten
  • 2002 Returning to My Village
  • 2003 Give My Flaws – Final Farewell / 50th Album
  • 2004 You Know (51) Hakkı Bulut Music
  • 2006 This Is My Life (53)
  • 2007 What Did I Do To You… What, What, What…? (54)
  • 2008 Let Your Ceremony Go (55.Album)
  • 2009 Uncle / Time
  • 2010 This Is What I Understand About Love (57th Album)
  • 2011 Clouds Cry (58.Album)
  • 2013 I Don't Give Up On You (59th Album)
  • 2015 60th Album – Confession
  • 2016 I Grow Roses in the Poles – 61st Album
  • 2017 Hakkı Bulut Respect and Duet Album
  • 2018 Vuslat Flowers (63rd Album)
  • 2019 From Earth to Stars (64.Album)
  • 2020 Don't Look Away For The Enemy Dude (65th Album)

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