Why Is It Profitable To Start A Young Entrepreneur Company?

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Establishing a young entrepreneur company Perhaps the most important point that can be mentioned about the issue is that it should be considered as an extremely advantageous alternative for entrepreneur candidates who meet the necessary conditions to benefit from this opportunity. As a result of the regulations made in our country, young entrepreneur support and young entrepreneur incentives have been provided to young investors for a certain period of time, and these support and incentives are continued in 2022. In this way, important steps are taken to encourage young entrepreneurs to take an active role in commercial life.

It is aimed to provide important benefits such as reducing the current account deficit, developing technology, and encouraging domestic and national production through the introduction of young entrepreneur support, which provides advantages to young people who want to realize their business ideas in many different areas. Turkey has a younger population compared to many European countries. Although the contribution of the young population to the country's economy is very high, many young entrepreneurs are faced with economic impossibilities in the process of making commercial moves that will make their dreams come true.

Considering that the young population in our country is increasing rapidly, living conditions are getting worse day by day and people want to raise their living standards, it is not surprising that the number of entrepreneurs who want to start their own business is increasing so fast. On the other hand, in addition to the costs of starting a business, factors such as tax and insurance obligations cause entrepreneurs to face additional responsibilities. Young entrepreneur support comes into play at this stage and offers significant advantages to young people between the ages of 18 and 29 if they meet certain conditions. In this context, there are advantages such as exemption from 3 taxation periods and SGK 1B premiums for 4 year for young entrepreneurs who meet the requirements.

Establishing a young entrepreneurial company is a situation that brings with it some expense items such as the cost of establishing a company for entrepreneurs. On the other hand, Izmir SMMM, Izmir Free Accountant The Chamber of Financial Advisors determines some criteria for all İzmir financial advisory services, thus, it undertakes the task of providing an important balance in the sector.

What are the Young Entrepreneur Exceptions?

It is possible to benefit from the support of young entrepreneurs by establishing a young entrepreneur company. It is possible to list the advantages that people who set up a young entrepreneurial company can benefit from:

  • To be exempt from income tax for an annual portion of 3 TL of the income obtained during the 75.000 taxation periods as of the start of the activity.
  • In addition, as of 01.06.2018, BAĞ-KUR premiums of individuals who are insured for the first time under 4B are covered by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance for a period of one year.

Although the young entrepreneur exception provides significant advantages especially for young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 29, it is obligatory for young entrepreneurs to meet certain conditions in order to benefit from these advantages. The conditions to be met are as follows:

  • To make the notification of the start of the enterprise within the legal period,
  • Being a taxpayer for the first time due to agricultural, commercial and professional activities, excluding the limited company type,
  • To be 18 years old but not 29 years old,
  • Self-employment or self-management,
  • In enterprises established within the body of an ordinary partnership or a sole proprietorship, the partners must fulfill all the conditions as of the date of commencement,
  • Not being a partner in existing businesses or professional activities afterwards,
  • Not to have inherited a business or professional activity that has been stopped or continues to operate from spouse or third-degree blood or in-law relatives (with the exception of inheriting from spouse or children due to death)

In addition, foreign national full taxpayers are also entitled to benefit from the young entrepreneur exemption.

Things to Do to Obtain Citizenship in Turkey

Acquiring Turkish citizenship by foreigners who do not have citizenship ties with the state of the Republic of Turkey Obtaining citizenship in Turkey and is subject to certain conditions. The conditions sought for foreigners in order to obtain Turkish citizenship are as follows:

  • Continuously residing in Turkey for 5 years,
  • Being married to a citizen of the Republic of Turkey for at least 3 years,
  • Having no risk of creating any danger in terms of national security and public order,
  • To provide industrial facilities in Turkey or to provide or create the impression that they will provide extraordinary services in social, artistic, economic, technological, sportive, cultural or scientific fields and to be persons for whom a reasoned offer has been made by the relevant Ministries,
  • Being a person with immigration status.

In addition to all these, foreigners who have a residence permit and Turquoise card holders within the scope of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458, foreign spouses of these persons, minor or dependent children of them and their spouses, and foreigners whose naturalization is considered an essential condition are also included in this scope. .

In addition, foreigners who meet any of the specified conditions have the right to acquire Turkish citizenship with the proposal of the Ministry and the decision of the Council of Ministers within the scope of the Law.

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