'Traffic Safety Training at Home, School' for Primary School Students in Gaziabtep

Gaziabtepte Primary School Students at Home, School, Traffic Safety Training
Traffic Safety Training at Home and School for Primary School Students in Gaziabtep

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality gives "Safety training at home, at school and in traffic" by occupational safety specialists and workplace physicians to primary school 2nd grade students.

The aim of the study carried out by the Human Resources and Institutional Development Department, Occupational Health and Safety Branch Directorate in primary schools in the center and its districts within the provincial borders, is to create a safety culture in children at an early age with basic safety training.

In the trainings of about 1 hour, occupational safety experts, workplace doctor and workplace nurses asked the students “Who is the occupational safety expert?, what is safety?, what are the safety rules?” While information is given about signs such as emergency exit, fire escape, slippery floor with the subject headings, students are given practical training on safety in traffic at home.

At the end of the training, students are presented with a brochure “How can I help my child” to parents and bags with adhesive labels containing safety precautions for children.

So far, 18 thousand 5 36nd grade students in 2 schools have been given safety training at home, at school and in traffic.

Günceleme: 09/12/2022 15:32

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