What is a Gas Welder, What Does It Do, How Is It Become? Gas Welder Salaries 2022

What is an Arc Welder What Does It Do How To Become A Welder Salary
What Is A Gas Welder, What Does It Do, How To Become A Gas Welder Salary 2022

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In line with the conditions determined in welding methods, the person who performs the task of pre-preparing the arc welding, performing the welding and post-welding operations, and undertaking the maintenance operations of the welding apparatus within a certain period of time is called a gas metal arc welder. A gas welder uses special welding tools while performing his job. It is also responsible for cutting, filling, assembly and joining of iron, steel and similar metals.

What Does a Gas Welder Do, What Are His Duties and Responsibilities?

To the question of what does a gas welder do; It is answered as doing the gas arc welding in the enterprises, starting the arc by operating the current generator, keeping the arc stability of the welding under observation, controlling the temperature between the welding passes and cleaning the torch of the workpieces between the passes. In addition to these, answers to the question of what does a gas welder do in more detail are listed in various articles.

  • Examining the technical drawings before the welding process,
  • Examining QMS (source method sheet), KP (resource plan) and work orders,
  • Checking the workpieces about the welding mouth and cleaning,
  • Measuring shielding gas flow rates at the torch nozzle,
  • Placing welding pads, setting parameters in welding,
  • Centering and marking the workpiece,
  • Providing pre-heating according to the business plan,
  • Starting the arc by operating the current generators and keeping the arc under observation,
  • To control the temperature between welding passes, to ensure the cleanliness of the workpieces,
  • Checking weld seams and heights,
  • Troubleshooting welding errors
  • Implementing processes such as controlled cooling after welding, flame heat treatment, hammering are among the duties included in the job description of the gas welder.

While performing these tasks, the arc welder first prepares the work areas for work and makes preliminary preparations. Wire feed roller makes suitable changes to the welding wire such as spiral. It checks the weld seams visually and removes the defects in the weld, if any. It is also responsible for the cleaning of welding stations. It undertakes the daily periodic maintenance of the gas arc welding current generator and assemblies.

What Training Is Required To Become A Gas Welder?

The question of how to become a gas welder; It is answered by saying that it is necessary to graduate from high schools known as industrial vocational high school or technical vocational high school. These high schools; Candidates who have graduated from Metal or Welding departments stand out as candidates with sufficient knowledge and experience for the position. In addition, by getting training in vocational training centers affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, apprenticeship, journeyman and master status can be obtained in the welding profession. In addition to these documents, people who want to become a gas arc welder can obtain a professional certificate on arc welding from some private training institutions and organizations.

What are the Requirements to Become a Gas Welder?

Candidates who will practice their profession in both open and closed working environments are expected to have professional knowledge and experience in welding processes. In addition, the following criteria are among the qualifications expected from gas arc welders:

  • To graduate from the relevant departments in the industrial vocational high school or vocational training center,
  • Not having a permanent health problem that prevents them from working in dangerous jobs,
  • Coordinated use of eyes and hands
  • To see the relationships between shapes,
  • To be able to read technical drawing,
  • Being able to focus attention on a certain point,
  • Having the ability to visualize and design the welding work in his mind,
  • To be able to see and interpret mechanical relationships,
  • to be responsible,
  • Being prone to teamwork
  • To be able to work carefully and meticulously.

Gas Welder Salaries 2022

As welders progress in their careers, the positions they work and the average salaries they receive are the lowest 7.170 TL, the average 8.960 TL, the highest 13.270 TL.

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