Ford Driving Academy Held for the 5th Time

Ford Surus Academy Has Happened Once
Ford Driving Academy Held for the 5th Time

The global social responsibility project 'Ford Driving Academy' (Driving Skills For Life), which Ford has been carrying out since 2003 in order to raise awareness of young drivers on safe driving, took place for the 5th time this year in Turkey. Young drivers between the ages of 18-24 improved their driving skills with the hands-on training they received from the experienced and champion pilots of Castrol Ford Team Turkey.

The social responsibility project 'Ford Driving Academy - Driving Skills For Life', which was developed by Ford Motor Company for the first time in America and carried out since 2003 with the aim of raising awareness of young drivers between the ages of 18-24 on safe driving techniques, is the 5th after the two-year pandemic break. held once in Turkey.

Ford Surus Academy

This corporate social responsibility project, which is extremely important in terms of preparing young people for the roads, was held in the parking lot of Istanbul Haliç Congress Center on 27-28 December this year. Ford Driving Academy was held free of charge under the management of Castrol Ford Team Turkey's Team Director Serdar Bostancı, who has won numerous European and Turkish championships in motorsports, and Murat Bostancı, the team's coach. Experienced pilots and experts shared their driving experiences and knowledge with young drivers. Young drivers became conscious of driving safety and improved their driving skills through trainings in the 4-stage program.

young drivers; He learned the potential dangers of distracting behaviors such as talking on the phone, texting or taking photos while behind the wheel, through simulation glasses.

In addition, safe driving techniques such as steering control, speed and distance management were taught both theoretically and practically. Thus, it was aimed for young drivers to travel more safely in traffic.

'Ford Driving Academy' certificate was given to the students who participated after the training.

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