Epiretinal Membrane Disease Can Cause Vision Loss!

Epiretinal Membrane Disease Can Cause Vision Loss
Epiretinal Membrane Disease Can Cause Vision Loss!

Epiretinal membrane disease, which is popularly known as the formation of membranes in the eye, can occur after the age of 55-60 and cause vision loss and disorders.

Stating that the epiretinal membrane is a membrane formed on the surface of the visual center of the eye, called the macula, Prof. Kaskaloğlu Eye Hospital Physicians. Dr. Tansu Erakgün said that this disease did not show any symptoms at first.

prof. Dr. Tansu Erakgün, “Epiretinal membrane disease causes wrinkles and shrinkage in the visual center over time. It usually occurs after 55-60 years of age and occurs spontaneously. It usually affects only one eye. More rarely, there is a certain underlying cause. These are causes such as blows to the eye, tear formation in the retina, previous eye surgeries. The epiretinal membrane does not show symptoms at first. However, as the membrane begins to thicken, it causes wrinkles in the visual center and leads to complaints of decreased vision and curvature in straight lines. In advanced cases, these complaints are very uncomfortable," he said.


Stating that epiretinal membrane disease can only be treated with surgery, Prof. Dr. Tansu Erakgün said: “The most common cause of epiretinal membrane is the changes that occur in the intraocular fluid with age. The intraocular fluid called vitreous shrinks and causes shrinkage and wrinkles in the macula. Decreased vision, distorted and crooked vision are the main complaints in patients with epiretinal membrane.

There is no drug treatment of the epiretinal membrane. Surgical intervention called vitrectomy is applied. In the surgery, the membrane causing the shrinkage is peeled and cleaned. Very good visual improvement is achieved with early vitrectomy. The increase in vision continues between 6 months and 1 year. Surgery is also performed in delayed cases, but the expectation of visual augmentation should be lower.

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