Are Flyers Still As Effective As They Were Before?

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Initially, flyers may appear vintage and traditional. The era we live in today is dependent upon digital marketing. Marketing takes up a big part of a business's budget, and many companies spend their entire budget on digital marketing channels like websites, banners, etc. Some individuals prefer hiring a professional graphic designer to design a flyer for their company, while others choose to use online platforms like .

Businesses have been using flyers to promote their businesses and elevate their audience for decades. Before the emergence of digital marketing, flyers were the most effective marketing medium. While developing a marketing strategy, many individuals tend to have second thoughts about whether it's wise to use flyers. To help you understand better, let's look into this matter in detail!

Are Flyers Still Relevant In This Modern Age?

Although this may come as a surprise, flyers are as relevant now as they were in the past. Many people think that flyers are no longer a good way to market because digital flyers and other digital marketing methods have taken over the marketing industry. However, the rapid rise that digital marketing has witnessed does not change anything.

Digital Marketing Is A Saturated Industry

According to statistics, 89% of people reported that they remembered receiving a flyer, 45% reported that they kept a flyer for future reference, and 90% of consumers said that they appreciated receiving flyers in their homes.

If we glance at the other side of the picture, 62% of the people said that they mute or change the TV channel when they see an advertisement. The statistics above help clarify why flyers remain effective to this day.

When a person clicks on a website, they are usually hit with a bunch of ads all at once. Most people have adopted the habit of ignoring these advertisements or investing in an ad-blocker to avoid them. Flyers appeal to people more nowadays as they relieve them from the consistent online advertisements they are so used to ignoring.

Since most businesses nowadays have chosen to invest in digital marketing, the competition surrounding the physical form of marketing is comparatively less. Therefore, a company can successfully promote its business by opting for flyers.

However, there is no doubt that other marketing methods are essential. It's best to combine digital marketing with traditional marketing to ensure you can witness maximum engagement via your marketing campaign.

Flyers Are Tangible

With the rapid rise of digital marketing, one sometimes needs a break from online advertising. It has become the norm to be greeted with numerous advertisements as soon as you load up a website. This can eventually lead to annoyance for users and have the opposite marketing effect you intended.


Numerous people overlook the ads that they come across on a website. Customers nowadays prefer to have something they can touch, like a flyer. While flyers are reputed to be old-school, this isn’t the case. Flyers can build an element of trust in a consumer’s mind.

Considering that coming across a digital advertisement is the norm nowadays, it’s genuinely a delight to walk past a flyer or receive a flyer in the mail. According to sources, a consumer is more likely to read a flyer than an online advertisement. All a business needs to do is design a flyer that appeals to its target audience.

Flyer Delivery

When a business chooses to market its company via flyers, it can decide how its customers will receive the flyer. The content and how it is delivered are both factors that may be customized depending on your target audience.

Since a company can decide how the customers receive the flyer, they can target the ideal audience according to who they think will be the most receptive.

In addition, flyer distribution also adds a personal touch to marketing. The personal touch that comes along with flyer distribution leads to more significant long-term results than marketing strategies that take place over email.

A survey found that 57% of consumers opened an email with a flyer as soon as it arrived. At the same time, around 21% of them stated that they opened the addressed mail within 28 days.


It can not be denied that flyers hold importance even in this modern age and are integral elements of the marketing world. Contrary to a famous belief, flyers are still considered an effective marketing tool. It has been proven via numerous surveys that traditional marketing means have displayed positive effects on businesses and individuals. Printed means of promotion are still thriving, and a significant chunk of people have reported that they tend to notice flyers more than online advertisements.

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