What is E Export? How to Export E?

What is E Export How E Export is done
What is E Export How to E Export

IdeaSoft is the first address for those who want to do e-export, that is, micro-export! Thanks to its powerful e-commerce infrastructures, creating a professional e-commerce site is very easy with IdeaSoft.

The Internet provides great opportunities for those who want to sell online today. Thus, you can deliver your products to different parts of the world in a short time, not only in Turkey. From this perspective e-exportis a term used for online sales abroad.

If you want to expand abroad, develop your customer potential and earn money in foreign currency, meeting this method, also known as micro export, can change your life.

If you are a small or medium-sized company, micro export Thanks to this, it is possible to open your business abroad. You can trade with the most suitable ones among different export products.

What is E Export How E Export is done

What is e-export?

E-Export refers to the sale of a service or product abroad. The export is realized if it is less than 300 Kilograms and 15 thousand Euros. The law allows exports made over the Internet to take place within the framework of Micro export rules.

E-export Products

E exportThere are different options that you can sell within the scope of. If you are an entrepreneur and want to step into the sector, it is important to know these. In this context, there is a very wide list of e-export products that you can sell;

  1. Home textile products such as carpets, rugs, towels
  2. Home and decoration products
  3. Spare part
  4. Electronic products
  5. Furniture
  6. design products
  7. mother and baby products
  8. Women's and men's clothing products

Apart from these, different micro export products are also available. Even if you do not produce them yourself, you can sell them by supplying them from outside.

What is required for e-export?

if E-export If you want to do this, you should know that there are some conditions for this. In terms of items, they can be listed as follows;

  1. The total weight of products and services should not exceed 300 kg.
  2. Product and service income should not exceed 15.000 euros.
  3. With the B2C business model, sales should not be made abroad.
  4. It must be sent via ETGB.

In addition, you must open a company and have the following documents;

  1. Micro export shipping information form
  2. original invoice
  3. Turkish and English invoice
  4. Indirect representation authorization

In addition to these, entrepreneurs must also prepare different documents.

How is e-export done?

E export Companies that will take a new step in the sector may have question marks about the subject. In normal export methods, it is necessary to contact the customs broker. However, it is not necessary for micro export.

Apart from this, there are institutions that have the authority to organize and prepare ETGB. Transactions can be made by contacting these institutions. These companies are cargo and logistics companies engaged in international transportation.

To these companiesmicro exportThe original invoice and an additional English copy of the products sold are provided. From now on, the company carries out its commercial activities jointly and severally. It also provides transactions related to the Tax Administration.

In addition, to start e-export activity, it is necessary to have a professional website. IdeaSoft allows you to find and choose the most suitable infrastructure with different infrastructure options.

IdeaSoft, micro export It also offers you advantageous solutions for Packages designed specifically for micro-export have many additional features. Thus, your website is made more useful for people entering from abroad. After determining the most suitable infrastructure option for you, the design of the site is carried out professionally within the scope of the Concept application and presented to you.

After the design of the site is completed, it is delivered ready for e-export. Then you just have to add the products and then mail them when the order arrives.

with IdeaSoft micro export you can make better use of its advantages. You can design your site better, so you can increase your customers and revenues from foreign exchange. Also, if you want to upgrade your chosen package or report a problem, simply contact us.

Advantages of IdeaSoft E-Export Package

E-Export IdeaExport, which has various advantages in its field, enables you to operate in the country you want. Some of the advantages of the IdeaSoft e-Export package can be listed as follows;

  1. Interface supporting all languages,
  2. Over 160 currencies,
  3. different payment methods,
  4. Location-based automatic language and currency selection,
  5. Location-based tax definitions,
  6. Special welcome messages,
  7. Determining the country-specific product price,
  8. Support and training for e-Export,

How to Promote E-export Site?

Well, e-exportHow can you promote your brand after opening the site? If you want to sell from Turkey to the world, you should definitely benefit from advertisements and social media marketing. In order to create brand awareness and promote your brand, you should allocate an advertising budget, add a blog section to your site and work in accordance with your target audience.

You can open a corporate social media account to reach your potential customers, and introduce your brand to users on the platform with regular and accurate posts.

You can also use online advertisements. Thus, websites and YouTube You can appear in videos and promote your products and services. By taking advantage of social media advertisements, micro export You can effectively announce your site.

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