Another Special Jury Award to DS Automobiles!

Another Jury Prize to DS Automobilese
Another Special Jury Award to DS Automobiles!

The “DS x MÉTIERS D'ART” design competition organized by DS Automobiles won the Special Jury Award at the Automotive Awards 2022. 2022 automobile brands participated in the 39 Automobile Awards, where different awards were given in the prestigious environment of the Automobile Club de France (France Automobile Club) located at Place de la Concorde in Paris. The Special Jury Award is given by evaluating the partnership between a manufacturer or equipment supplier and another brand in any industry in terms of relevance, originality and uniqueness. The brand won the Special Jury Award in 2020 for its activities with the Louvre Museum. At the same award ceremony this year, DS Automobiles took the podium with the new DS 7 in the category of “SUV Model of the Year”.

“The meeting of design, luxury and expertise”

The CMF (Colors, Materials and Finishes) division at DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS embodies a stunning combination of design, luxury and expertise. Composed of a team of diverse creative backgrounds, designers are constantly looking for just the right lines, textures and tones. This pursuit is supported by the remarkable expertise of the upholstery and paint shops, the excellence of the partner suppliers, but also by the creative craftsmen DS Automobiles has always worked with to bring concept cars to the forefront by developing high-quality and exclusive materials of the future.

Driven by this quest for creativity and difference, the DS Automobiles team, in collaboration with Studio Métiers Rares, launched a design competition for the most creative craftsmen in France. From the very first competition, appealing to the innovative strengths of professional artists through a technical and aesthetic challenge has deepened the creative and innovative bond between DS Automobiles and these established or emerging professionals from the creative art world.

“A unique DS 9 and second competition is on the way”

The winner of the first DS x MÉTIERS D'ART competition resulted in Anne Lopez's exclusive DS 9 interior trim design. DS 9 MÉTIERS D'ART won first place with its plaster interior lining. The coating is engraved by the artist and dries in the process. The movement brought to the pieces is supported by the color plays made by the pieces that catch the light, especially the gilding work, in front of the other pieces that are in the shadows. The DS 9 MÉTIERS D'ART model is currently on display at DS STORE stores across Europe as the only one of its kind. The second edition of the DS x MÉTIERS D'ART competition – named DS LUMEN – was organized with the theme of designing the effects of light through materials.

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