Coast Guard Command to Recruit 13 Officers

Coast Guard Command to Recruit Specialist Erbas
Coast Guard Command

In order to be employed in the Coast Guard Command, 657 civil servants will be recruited from the titles described below, subject to the Civil Servants Law no.

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a. To have the general conditions specified in article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48.

b. To carry the education requirement for the announced titles as of the graduated school and to have entered KPSS in relation to this education.

c. To have received the specified minimum KPSS grade from the types of points opposite to the titles to be purchased.
c. In the applications to be made;

  1. KPSSP2022 of 03 KPSS exam for undergraduate graduates,
  2. For associate degree graduates, the KPSSP2022 score type of the 93 KPSS exam will be used (Since all titles to be received are in the status of Group B staff, the above-mentioned score types are used).

D. Having completed the age of 18 (those born on 23 December 2004 and before) according to the uncorrected civil registry as of the application deadline, not less than 01 years old as of 2022 January 36 (who were born on 01 January 1987 and later can apply).

to. Not to have worked in any public institution and organization in positions subject to the Civil Servants Law No. 657 and not to be working as a contracted officer, contracted non-commissioned officer, specialist non-commissioned officer or contracted private.

f. Not being dismissed from the Turkish Armed Forces, General Staff, SGK, and public institutions and organizations for any reason other than resignation and health reasons.

g. In terms of military status; not to be in military service, not to be of military age, to have done active military service if it has come to military age, or to be postponed or transferred to the reserve class.

ğ. To have the qualifications specified in line with the announced cadre title.

h. According to the Health Capability Regulation of the Turkish Armed Forces, Gendarmerie General Command and the Coast Guard Command, “There is a Civil Servant in the Coast Guard Command.” obtain a stable health report.

I. Security Investigation and Archival Research to be positive.


a. Applications; It will start at 14:2022 on Wednesday, December 11, 00 and end at 23:2022 on Friday, December 11, 00.

b. Applications will only be made through the e-Government portal at Applications made by mail or in person other than the internet environment will not be considered. Application results will be announced on the website of the candidates

c. Candidates need to upload additional documents for some titles in the table in Article 2. Candidates will also upload these documents to the system by scanning them legibly and taking their photos. The document uploaded to the system as illegible (blurred/distant/wrinkled/incomplete, etc.) will not be evaluated and the responsibility in this regard will be on the candidate himself.

c. Candidates who do not write the full names of the required source departments for the title they will apply for in their diplomas, but who consider that the desired department and the department they graduated from are equivalent, and the candidates who have studied abroad; It will also upload the equivalence certificate they will receive from the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) to the system.

D. The scores calculated by adding 10% more of the score (provided that the determined base score has been obtained) to the central exam (KPSS) score they received in their application with a document showing that the mother, father or spouse is a martyr veteran will be taken into account. In order for this scoring to be done, the candidates must upload their documents showing that they are relatives of martyr veterans to the application system.

to. For titles with a foreign language score; The highest score obtained from the language exams (5-2018-2019-2020-2021) taken by the candidates in the last 2022 years will be taken as basis. If the highest score obtained by the candidates in the specified years does not appear on the e-government, the candidates will upload the photographs of the result documents to the application system in a legible manner.

f. Among the candidates whose applications are deemed appropriate, starting from the one who gets the highest score according to the central exam grade determined in the guide, 15 times the amount of quota to be taken will be entitled to participate in the candidate interview exam. Lists of candidates to be invited for the interview exam It will be announced to the candidates on the internet address and will be in the form of a notification. Candidates can also be contacted by mail, telephone, etc. Notifications will not be made with vehicles.

g. Candidates who are successful in the exams; According to the Health Capability Regulation of the Turkish Armed Forces, Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard Command, dated 11.11.2016 and numbered 9431, “Becomes a Civil Servant in the Coast Guard Command.” They will be referred to the relevant full-fledged hospitals to obtain a stable medical report. (Candidates can object to the negative preliminary reports given to them by the health boards at the hospital to which they were referred, within 3 days from the date of the preliminary report, to the Provincial/District Health Directorates of the place where the hospital to which they were referred, and submit the preliminary health board reports to the Coast Guard Command within 1 month from the date of their referral to the relevant hospital. Reports coming after this period will not be taken into account.) Related hospitals "Becomes a Civil Servant at the Coast Guard Command." Candidates who receive a stable health report will be subject to a security investigation. Appointments of the candidates whose health report and safety examination are positive will be made according to the candidate success score ranking within the specified quota.

h. Candidates are responsible for the suitability/correctness of the information in the application and the legal responsibilities that may arise afterwards. Applications of candidates who are found not to meet the application requirements or whose documents are found to be missing/wrong will be deemed invalid regardless of the stage (even if they have been appointed).

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