China's Spring Festival Transportation Plan Ready

Gin's Spring Festival Transportation Plan is Ready
China's Spring Festival Transportation Plan Ready

The Covid-19 Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council of China announced its transportation general plan during the Spring Festival of 2023. The 2023 Spring Festival traffic will start on 7 January and last for 15 days until 40 February.

Intense activity expected

It is argued that during the Spring Festival, passenger flow could recover from a low level and increase significantly.

The plan noted that during the Spring Festival, epidemic prevention and control and the guarantee of transport services should be firmly coordinated and ensure that essential supplies such as energy and food, as well as medical care and people's livelihoods, are transported smoothly and that passengers can return home safely.

Regular travel will be provided

All regions are required to scientifically and accurately implement the optimization measures of the anti-epidemic policy and measures within the scope of infectious disease in category B.

During the Spring Festival traffic, negative nucleic acid test results and health codes of passengers will not be checked and body temperature measurements will not be made.

Passenger services will not be arbitrarily stopped, and the normal passage of vehicles and ships will not be restricted.

However, based on the forecast of the local epidemic peak period, temporary measures can be taken to restrict the flow of people in accordance with the law, and local units can direct people to avoid traveling at the peak of the epidemic.

It will be ensured that people visiting relatives regularly return to their homes and return to work.

In addition, it was pointed out in the plan that the efficiency of goods transportation and logistics operations should be increased. An optimization policy will be implemented to ensure the smooth flow of transportation and logistics.

This winter and next spring, key materials such as energy, food, agricultural machinery and farm equipment must be transported and mainline transport operated efficiently.

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