Chery's Exports Reach New High, Up 70,9 Percent Annually

Chery's Exports Reach New High with Annual Percent Increase
Chery's Exports Reach New High, Up 70,9 Percent Annually

Chery Group reached a sales figure of 2022 thousand 100 units in November 531. Chery released figures on her new achievements for the January-November 2022 period. The brand has surpassed a new level in its sales performance exceeding 6 thousand units every month for 100 months in a row. Chery, whose cumulative sales volume in the January-November 2022 period reached 32,6 million 1 thousand 127 units with an annual increase of 289 percent, thus recorded the best performance in its history.

Chery, which was China's number 2022 passenger car exporter for 19 consecutive years in 1, which was a difficult year and a serious commercial stagnation was experienced on a global scale, also broke its own export record among Chinese passenger car brands in the first 2022 months of 11.

Chery achieved new successes every month in the January-November 2022 period, while its four-month export volume exceeded 50.000 units. The export volume of the brand exceeded 400 thousand for the first time.

Chery's global sales volume reached a new level with over 11.1 million users and 2,35 million exports. Chery will continue to increase its success by continuing its growth in global markets with new authorized dealers and establishment partnerships with a comprehensive growth strategy of “Globalization”, “Depth Development” and “Brand Image Building”.

Powerful SUVs backed success

Strong products were the key factor in Chery's high sales volumes around the world. That's why Chery employs a strategy in which it develops multiple product lines at the same time.

Tiggo 8 PRO, as the 7-seat large flagship SUV, reached 171 thousand sales. Serving as a welcome vehicle for state guests in Brazil many times, the SUV has won the trust of consumers in different countries and regions. The brand's other SUV model, the Tiggo 7 PRO, has reached a total sales volume of 146 thousand units as a product that draws attention with its design and technologies. The model in question ranks first in the market segment in Qatar and other Middle Eastern countries/regions.

Reaching new audiences with football

Chery's performance in November 2022 contributed to the marketing and communication activities during the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Before the opening ceremony of the World Cup, Chery organized different brand promotion and customer interaction activities. She also implemented a visibility plan in “Places to See” in many countries of the world.

Chery, who illuminated Torch Doha, the tallest building in the capital of Qatar, with "Cheer Boards" in Qatar, the host country of the World Cup, also became the official vehicle of Qatar Airways during the World Cup.

In addition, Chery has greatly increased the popularity and reputation of the brand by providing vehicle services to Qatar's security units and media outlets in more than ten countries and regions. With the investments made in football, a good performance was shown in countries with a deep-rooted football culture.

Various group monitoring events were held in some Central and South American countries such as Brazil, Ecuador and Costa Rica. By inviting famous sports commentators as well as football stars to interact with football fans, the enthusiasm of sports fans to watch the matches was supported.

In addition, cooperation was established with local TV channels in countries such as Mexico, Tunisia and Morocco, and interesting prize-winning prediction competitions were organized. Chery also raised awareness in the World Cup by sponsoring the Ghana National Team in Africa. Chery took its “User-Oriented” service concept to a new height to share its passion for the World Cup with thousands of car owners around the world and gain the trust of more consumers.

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