Chery's Latest Models in Turkey in Spring

Chery's Latest Models Are In Turkey In Spring
Chery's Latest Models in Turkey in Spring

Chery, the export champion of China for 80 consecutive years with its sales and service network spread over 19 countries, is entering the Turkish market with its newest SUV models.

Emphasizing the size of Chery Group in the global market, Chery Turkey President Fenghuo Si said, “Chery is committed to being a qualified business with global influence and competitive power, adhering to the basic concept of “Innovation, responsibility and mutual benefit”. With the integration of global resources, Chery operates in different sectors, with the automobile business as its focus. Thus, with more than 300 member businesses and annual revenues of CNY 150 billion, it operates in seven different areas, including automobiles, auto parts, finance, modern services, smart networks, ships and real estate. Chery has been showing very successful sales performances in the Middle East and West Asian markets in recent years. At the same time, it continues to accelerate its globalization move by making active preparations for its official entry into the EU market. Turkey is located in both Asia and Europe. It also has two identities, both an EU candidate and a NATO member. With its geographical advantages and growing economy, Turkey has always been a strategic market for Chery, and it also acts as a bridge for Chery to enter the European market.”

Chery Turkey President Si said, “Chery is also the first Chinese car brand to embark on a journey of globalization. It has five global R&D centers, 10 factories and 1500 sales and service points outside of China. In terms of sales data, Chery has not only been China's No. 19 exporter of passenger cars for 1 consecutive years, but also takes the lead with an annual export performance of 410.000 units. Chery's global sales volume has exceeded 2,35 million units, of which 11,1 million are abroad.

Chery Turkey President Fenghuo Si, who stated that Chery plans to create a large number of employment in Turkey and to take the Turkish automobile market to a new level effectively with its technological experience and superior service skills of more than twenty years, said that Chery, which will present three new models to the market, will offer Turkish users. He also stated that by continuing to offer more qualified products, they will carry the Turkish automobile market to a new level and position Turkey as Chery's bridge in the EU market.

“A sign of faith in the Turkish automotive market!”

Expressing that they will start service with authorized dealers that will provide sales and after-sales services at 2023 different points in 25, Chery Turkey Vice President Ahu Turan said, “We aim to increase our dealer and service network gradually to the level of 2024s in 40. Our showrooms are designed to highlight the technology, new trends and power elements of our products.”

“Chery's 3 new SUVs hit the road in spring!”

Emphasizing that Chery will enter the Turkish market with 1.6 different SUV models with 7-liter gasoline engine and 3-speed automatic transmission in the first place, Ahu Turan said, “We will enter the Turkish market with 3 new models from the spring. Chery OMODA 5, TIGGO 7 PRO and our flagship TIGGO 8 PRO will be the first 3 models we will launch on the market. As you can see, we will be in the market with our SUV models in the first place, two of these models are in the compact SUV segment, while our flagship TIGGO 8 PRO is in the D segment. In the first place, these 3 models will be offered to customers with 1.6-liter gasoline engine options. As of 2024, Chery's high-tech hybrid and electric motorized model versions will take their place in the market.”

“Flagship impact on Chery's growing global sales!”

Chery also achieved cumulative export sales of over 11 units in the first 70,9 months of this year, up 400.000 percent year on year. Thus, Chery broke the "globalization" record in passenger cars among the Chinese brands it owns. The continuous increase in sales is a concrete example of the acceptance of Chery products in the global market. In particular, the flagship Chery TIGGO 8 PRO model offers a completely new experience with its high-class cabin approach on the roads. While this cabin has won several awards, it also sets a new benchmark for luxury in the world of mid-size 7-seater SUVs.


Chery TIGGO 8 PRO is an SUV for urbanites who enjoy a successful business life and a quality life. Aiming to offer users a more luxurious and privileged driving experience, the interior of Chery TIGGO 8 PRO reveals a simple and elegant quality. The cabin, which has laser-engraved curved surfaces, offers a high-class atmosphere with its black and brown bi-colour structure. The seats, which are the first point of contact when getting into the vehicle, reinforce the luxury concept of the TIGGO 8 PRO. Light brown leather seats are decorated with quilting technology that improves the sense of three dimensions. The console displays an overall design similar to premium brands, with a triple screen concept with a 24,6-inch dual screen and an 8-inch touchscreen LCD climate screen. In addition to the new generation 4.0 ADAS system, Chery TIGGO 8 PRO blends luxury design and superior technology with functions such as electronic gear lever, wireless charging for smartphones and smartphone forget-reminder.

“Interior equipment from premium brands in TIGGO 7 PRO”

The TIGGO 7 PRO is equipped with an HD backup camera, which significantly improves consumers' daily ease of use. The premium model is also equipped with a 360-degree panoramic view and a high-definition camera to make the vehicle's surroundings clear and visible. In addition, TIGGO 7 PRO offers a unique triple-screen architecture at the same level, with a 10,25-inch touch central display, a 12-inch LCD display screen, and an 8-inch LCD touchscreen climate display. Especially with its 1920×720 resolution, the central control screen provides a vivid and fluent image quality at the level of a smartphone. The LCD instrument cluster displays various functions such as multimedia, communication and driving alert. Thus, the driver can focus on driving without taking his eyes off the road.

TIGGO 7 PRO can establish information connection between mobile phones, LCD display screen, central control screen and also air conditioner screen. Thus, it offers an easier and more interactive user experience. In addition, there is a universal mobile phone wireless charging area with forget-reminder function under the central control screen. Aiming to increase the ease of use, TIGGO 7 PRO has hardware such as keyless start, one-button entry and folding side mirrors. It is also equipped with electronic transmission range selection (ETRS) system, electronic parking brake (EPB) and AUTOHOLD functions. All these not only increase driving safety, but also reduce operating errors.


“5 star OMODA 5 from Euro NCAP”

OMODA 5 received 5 Stars in the Euro NCAP safety crash test, fully complying with Chery's product concept of “Integrating safety into products”. OMODA 5 plays an active role in international markets thanks to its impressive security performance. OMODA 5 will soon be available in the Turkish market. OMODA 5's success in the rigorous Euro NCAP test proves Chery's commitment to users' needs and its high quality understanding.

The main body in OMODA 5 is made of high-strength steel. This structure is 78% steel and can withstand pressures up to 1800Mpa. The body cage, created with ultra-high-strength materials, was designed to protect its general structure without deformation in the event of an accident. cabin of OMODA 5; Equipped with a total of 7 airbags, including driver, passenger, side, side curtain and middle airbags. This means all-round safety protection for passengers in the event of a collision. To protect the driver and passengers, OMODA 5 is equipped with an advanced intelligent driving assistance system, including the ADAS system with 16 different functions such as ACC adaptive cruise control.

OMODA 5 also promises satisfactory performance in terms of power-train systems. With the proven 5 TGDI engine, the OMODA 1.6 offered 145 kW of power and 290 Nm of maximum torque. The engine works in conjunction with the Getrag 1DCT transmission, the same as the BMW X7. With the combination of 1.6 TGDI and 7DCT, OMODA 5 completes 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 8 seconds, offering impressive performance.

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