BursaFotoFest Opened Its Doors For The 12th Time

BursaPhotoFest Acted Its Doors For The Third Time
BursaFotoFest Opened Its Doors For The 12th Time

BursaFotoFest, Turkey's largest and longest-running international photography event, organized with the cooperation of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Bursa City Council and Bursa Photography Art Association, opened its doors for the 12th time.

BursaFotoFest, which has succeeded in being the most impressive festival in Turkey, brought together photography enthusiasts this year. The opening ceremony of FotoFest, which brings together photography lovers and masters with the theme of 'Roots', which is the first photography festival in Turkey and one of the few in the world, was held at Atatürk Congress Culture Center Hüdavendigar Hall. While TURKSOY member countries were determined as the guest countries of the festival, photographers from Azerbaijan, TRNC, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan also attended the opening.

16 countries 200 artists

The opening of the festival, which will feature more than 16 photographs of 200 photographers from 2000 countries and 116 exhibitions, was attended by Bursa Deputy Mayor Ahmet Yıldız, Bursa City Council President Şevket Orhan, BUFSAD President Serpil Savaş, BursaPhotoFest Curator Dokuz Eylül University Fine Arts Faculty Photography Department Lecturer Assoc. Dr. It was made with the participation of Beyhan Özdemir, local and foreign photographers and many photography lovers.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Ahmet Yıldız, in his speech at the opening ceremony, emphasized that cities cannot develop with an understanding devoid of culture and art.

Pointing out that people who have nothing to do with their own culture are strangers to their own country, Yıldız said, “We attach great importance to cultural and artistic works in the development of our city and therefore our country. Bursa is a city where traditional values ​​are combined with history and nature, and culture and art are constantly kept alive. As Bursa, I believe that we are one of the leading cities in culture and art. Bursa is a city full of culture and art that forms the identity of the city. BursaFotoFest has become a tradition for us now. This year we are organizing the 12th. Since we are the Cultural Capital of the Turkish World, we have determined our theme as 'roots'. Happy festival,'' he said.

TURKSOY Secretary General Sultan Raev said, “The main purpose of BursaPhotoFest is to support the art of photography and to find a common culture among Turkish peoples on this art. The goal is to better understand each other and to strengthen the feelings of friendship and brotherhood.

Bursa City Council President Şevket Orhan also reminded that the festival has come to a very important place for 12 years with effort and sincerity. Stating that they have determined a theme worthy of Bursa's title as the Cultural Capital of the Turkish World, Orhan said, “Our roots go back to the Balkans but not to Central Asia. Of course, we need to know and recognize our roots. And I would like to say insistently: Come to Bursa for the continuation of this festival, let's raise Bursa, let's benefit from your works”.

BUFSAD President Serpil Savaş said, “I hope we will be a voice for our country and our world with our festival. For this purpose, our efforts are endless to leave a mark on the future, where our friendships are strengthened. I thank everyone,” he said.

After the speeches, the honored guest of the festival, Prof. Dr. Gifts were presented to Güler Ertan by Deputy Chairman Ahmet Yıldız and TURKSOY Secretary General Raev.

After the ribbon cutting by the members of the protocol, the exhibition area with valuable photo frames was opened to the public. Within the scope of BursaPhotoFest, which will continue for 7 days at Atatürk Congress Culture Center, 45 shows and dozens of programs will be organized.

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