When Will Bursa City Hospital Metro End?

When will Bursa City Hospital Metro be finished?
When Will Bursa City Hospital Metro End?

Bursaray 'I… Last stop Labor'th City Hospital 'what will it deliver metro a Mudanya Road 'The excavation was started in mid-August.


Departure to Mudanya direction Passage'revealed in excavation in front of workplaces done. in September fast progress of work the direction of travel is completely closed for Passage'Transportation was given to the newly built service road in the north of the city.

Bursa direction is narrowed from two lanes remained open to traffic.

So what…

For years shopping tradition one Passage'In addition to the closure of workplaces in Emek-Özdilek two-lane service road to the season despite Mudanya'or hinders transportation.

In particular, businesses that cannot reach their customers are experiencing difficulties.


This process as soon as possible There is a lot of work to complete. First, owner of the business in Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Infrastructure Services undertaking the project, including Willow-Taşyapı The partnership is working meticulously.

Metropolitan Municipality, first Secretary General Ulaş Akhan while providing all support, including AK Party Provincial Chairman Davut Gürkan and deputies are always active.


Passage'Intense and very fast work is also observed in the region where infrastructure displacements are made. In order to accelerate this work and reduce the grievances, a new planning done.

According to this…

Passage'te closed to traffic Departure to Mudanya 70% of the work has been completed. Path mid january will be completed and shopkeeper's front will open.

In that process O

on the other side of the road, Departure to Bursa direction will be taken to the middle section used by trucks, and this time work will begin in front of the tradesmen there.

There is also Orada

Infrastructure displacement and metro line reinforcement mid march is targeted for completion.

The sources we talked about that all work will be completed in mid-March and the road will return to normal at the Gate. They said.

The foundation of the Gar Station is laid next month

Its length is… 6.1 kilometers City Hospital metro a Labor'after the Gateway, Ahmet Yesevi Mosque, Gar and the last stop City Hospital There are stations.

Of these…

Passage at the entrance, Özdilek-Özhan with the station in front of the markets City Hospital Work continues at the station in front of it. With a special project that will enable the integration of high-speed train and metro Station Station'The foundation stone will be laid next month.

Rails ordered for City Hospital metro, first assembly in February

Though… Mudanya because it affects the traffic in transportation and puts the tradesmen in trouble. Passage'one excavation is on the agenda, but Bursaray 'i last stop Labor'th City Hospital 'Significant developments are taking place in the construction of the metro, which will provide transportation.

For example…

contractor company Söğüt-Taşyapı'ordered by on the rails in January arrive Waiting.

That's why…

One hand Passage While measures are being taken to speed up the excavations, first assembly in rail laying preparation is underway.

According to the information we have heard, Labor Station-Pass For the initial assembly of rail laying works between end of january or early February Targeted.


at the end of March Mudanya road traffic When it is fully opened and returned to normal, the works will continue except for the traffic in the middle. It is expected that the work in this process will progress faster as it will be in the tapas area.

Source: Author Ahmet Emin Yılmaz / Olay Newspaper

Günceleme: 16/12/2022 13:57

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