BOZTRAM Coming Soon With Bozüyükliler

BOZTRAM Coming Soon With Disorders
BOZTRAM Coming Soon With Bozüyükliler

While the Rail System Nostalgic Tram project, which is one of the vision projects of Bozüyük Mayor Mehmet Talat Bakkalcıoğlu, continues at full speed, 3 trams whose production has been completed were brought to the district and received by Bozüyük Municipality.

President Bakkalcıoğlu, who oversaw the works during the unloading of the trams from the trucks, examined the trams. Arousing curiosity with its nostalgic appearance and use; The Nostalgic Tram, which will display a wonderful appearance in the center of Bozüyük with the names of Cumhuriyet, Kurtuluş and Thessaloniki, will facilitate the transportation of Bozüyük residents with very affordable transportation fees. Starting from the courthouse and ending at the Eczacıbaşı Factory, the project with 20 stations and a line length of 12 km provides the people of Bozüyük with a comfortable, economical and pleasant transportation opportunity. A solution is planned.

Günceleme: 23/12/2022 11:23

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