'Tastes of the Bosphorus' Book Launched

Bogazicinin Tastes Book Launched
'Tastes of the Bosphorus' Book Launched

“Tastes of the Bosphorus”, written by famous Chefs Ömür Akkor and Zennup Pınar Çakmakcı, who have numerous awards in the gastronomy world of the Union of Bosphorus Municipalities; It has transformed the cultural heritage of the Bosphorus, which has been going on for centuries, into a taste-oriented work.

The work, which is prepared in Turkish and English, provides extensive information about the fishing styles of fish and which fish will be consumed in which month. The work, which includes special recipes for each of the Bosphorus fish, also includes the recipes of the dishes cooked in the mansions, making a unique contribution to the cultural history of Istanbul and the Bosphorus.

The special meeting, attended by Üsküdar Mayor Hilmi Türkmen, who is the term chairman of the Union of Istanbul Bosphorus Municipalities, Beykoz Mayor Murat Aydın, Fatih Mayor M. Ergün Turan and IMM's Union representative, took place in Üsküdar Nevmekan Sahil.

Hilmi Türkmen, the term President of the Union of Istanbul Bosphorus Municipalities and the Mayor of Üsküdar, said that the study is more than a cookbook:

“The Tastes of the Bosphorus book is a special work. It is a beautiful work prepared jointly by Chef Ömür Akkor and Pınar Çakmakçı, whom we all know well and our President has recently presented with his award among the culture and art awards in Turkey. This book is not a cookbook. In fact, this book is a history book, a sociological work, a way of life, and an important work, an important resource that honors the richness of Istanbul. It should not be seen as just a cookbook.”

Hilmi Türkmen stated that the food culture of the Bosphorus is very rich:

“This strait has its own unique culture, lifestyle and richness. In order to bring this wealth to light, we all have important duties. But as the Union of Bosphorus Municipalities, I think the biggest responsibility is ours. As district municipalities on the Bosphorus, we have to share this beauty with our people. The fish culture in the Bosphorus, the way of fishing, in which region, in which district, which fish are there? The way these fish are cooked, the season. The transportation culture on the Bosphorus, the mansions and mansions in the districts on the Bosphorus are all different values ​​and richness. But unfortunately, no work has been done so far that will transform this value into a work of art collectively, so to speak. We, as the Union of Bosphorus Municipalities, are at your presence with a study that will perhaps fill the gap in this area. I have no doubt that this book will be a bedside book for politicians, gastronomy experts, teachers, citizens living in Istanbul, and most importantly, for the beautiful young people of this beautiful country, as an important source work that focuses on both the past and the future of the Bosphorus. Our dear friend Ömür Akkor and Pınar Çakmakçı, who contributed to the preparation of this book, are cultural historians and important cultural people. I thank them for their peace.”

At the launch, famous chefs Ömür Akkor and Zennup Pınar Çakmakçı introduced their book “Bosphorus Tastes” on the food culture of the Bosphorus with a special presentation on a large table.

Chief Ömür Akkor talked about a little-known tradition regarding the pearl of the throat, the bluefish:

''The bluefish is the most beautiful and quality fish of the Bosphorus. In the past, they sailed to the Bosphorus in special boats and even found barbecue on the boats. The bluefish would not be kept like that and then carry it to the houses and restaurants. Immediately after being caught, it was cleaned and barbecued and eaten there. Anyone who wanted to squeeze a lemon would pluck the lemon from a tree on the shore and spray it on it. In other words, the bluefish was eaten immediately on the boat or on the boat on the Bosphorus and was consumed in its freshest form. ''

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