Bicycle City Sakarya Becomes Happy and Healthy by Pedaling

Cycling City Sakarya Becomes Happy and Healthy by Pedaling
Bicycle City Sakarya Becomes Happy and Healthy by Pedaling

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has taken important steps in the use of bicycles, publishes billboards describing bicycles and drawing attention to the contribution of bicycles to nature, and organizes information activities at every point of the city.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality organizes both events and billboard activities in order to spread the use of bicycles throughout the city. The bicycle to which President Ekrem Yüce showed great sensitivity; It is an important part of life as it is environmentally friendly, healthy and useful. In Sakarya, which has the title of 'The City of Bicycle Sakarya', the image of the bicycle in the city has changed positively after the works of the Metropolitan. Metropolitan teams broadcast on billboards, billboards and digital areas in every corner of the city to raise awareness and create awareness about cycling.

Sakarya, one of 13 cities

In the statement made by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, “Sakarya is one of the few cities in the world that has the title of bicycle city and is among 13 cities with this title all over the world. Our teams work day and night to fulfill the responsibilities given to us by this award. In this context, we want to both expand our bicycle road network and renew our existing roads and instill the use of bicycles in our city.

eco-friendly vehicle

In the continuation of the statement, “In societies where the use of bicycles is widespread, both environmental awareness and awareness of being environmentally friendly are high. Cycling reduces heart ailments, speeds up metabolism, burns calories, regulates brain and mental health, and improves muscle tissue. The bicycle, whose benefits will not end with counting, also contributes to the home economy. Thanks to its environmental friendliness, it prevents the increase of global warming by reducing the carbon emission thrown out.

Günceleme: 28/12/2022 10:25

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