Bayraklı Cable Car Line to be Built to City Hospital

A Cable Car Line Will Be Built to Bayrakli City Hospital
Bayraklı Cable Car Line to be Built to City Hospital

Bayraklı İzmir City Hospital, whose foundation was laid in 2013 and construction works started in 2016, is coming to an end. under construction Bayraklı Prepared by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Science Affairs Department in order to create a transportation alternative to the City Hospital. Bayraklı The details of the City Hospital Cable Car Line Transportation Survey Report have been announced. The length of the cable car line planned with 4 station points will be 2,43 kilometers, the level difference will be 170,65 meters, and the travel time will be 8 minutes 37 seconds.

After the completion of the hospital with a total investment amount of 1 billion 638 million TL and a total construction area of ​​622 thousand 530 square meters on a land of 573 thousand 546 square meters, alternative transportation works are being carried out to meet the intense transportation demand that will arise in the region. 'Izmir Metropolitan Municipality' by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality BayraklıAn application was made to the General Directorate of Transport Infrastructure for the approval of the project, which was prepared within the scope of the "Final Projects for the City Hospital Cable Car Line". It was reported by the General Directorate of Transportation Infrastructure that the Transportation Survey Report should be submitted to the approval of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Assembly. at the November assembly Bayraklı The cable car proposal for City Hospital transportation came to the agenda and 'İzmir BayraklıThe 'Transportation Study Report' included in the proposal for the cable transportation system (Cable Car) investment within the scope of the "Final Projects for Implementation of the City Hospital Ropeway Line" was unanimously accepted.


The details of the transportation survey report were also announced. The planned cable car route was included in the report. According to this, Bayraklı İZBAN stop and ESHOT bus stop and currently not in use Bayraklı At the junction of the Ferry Pier, in order to provide transportation with the City Hospital. Bayraklı It is planned to build the cable transportation system (Cable Car), starting from the coastal part on the sea side in front of the Municipality and ending at Izmir City Hospital.

izmir city hospital cable car route

Bayraklı Pier İZBAN Stop, Alparslan Market Place Stop, Dr. The length of the planned cable car line with Ekrem Akurgal Park Stop and Hospital Stop and 4 station points is expected to be 2,43 kilometers. The level difference of the line is estimated to be 170.65 meters and the travel time is estimated to be 8 minutes and 37 seconds.

izmir city hospital cable car location

In the report, which stated that the infrastructure data were analyzed within the scope of the study, “Electricity, water, natural gas etc. from the administration. infrastructure data were evaluated for regional and whole line alternatives. In this context, after the necessary arrangements are made for the station locations, there are no obstacles regarding the construction. Infrastructure data will be taken into account in the process of determining the pole locations within the scope of the preferred line among the alternatives. The route and its immediate surroundings envisaged within the scope of the ropeway work were evaluated in terms of geology.

Bayraklı Is the Cable Car to the City Hospital Risky for an Earthquake?

According to MTA General Directorate Turkey Landslide Inventory İzmir Map and Geosciences Map Viewer and Drawing Editor, no active or potential landslides have been mapped in the study area and its immediate surroundings. The cable car line project is planned Bayraklı The district and its immediate surroundings are considered as an advanced earthquake zone. With this Bayraklı The settlement areas that make up the coastal parts of the district are defined as areas sensitive to soil liquefaction. Liquefaction problem may occur in the study area, especially in coastal areas.

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  1. The stupidity of building a hospital on the top of the mountain is crowned by the stupidity of the cable car