'Tram' Good News from President Karalar

Tram Annunciation from President Karalar
'Tram' Good News from President Karalar

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeydan Karalar stated that they are waiting for the approval of the Presidency for the second phase of the light rail system, and that they will take action to build a tram to the city in the next process.

President Zeydan Karalar explained the services rendered in the past period at Çukurova Club Association, gave information about what will be done in the upcoming period, and answered questions.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeydan Karalar attended the meeting themed "Conversations on Adana" organized by Çukurova Club Association at Çukurova Club with his wife Nuray Karalar and gave information about the services of Adana Metropolitan Municipality and made a presentation.

Reminding that they took over Adana Metropolitan Municipality with a debt of over 4 billion and an income of around 1,2 billion, the debt increases by 50-60 million liras every month, Mayor Zeydan Karalar stated that they have reversed the negative picture at this point.

Noting that Adana Metropolitan Municipality is 30nd among 22 metropolitan cities in terms of income, he noted that, as a result of his meetings with businessmen, they increased Adana's income by ensuring that taxes were paid from Adana, and that they achieved an average increase of 72 million liras per month. He stated that there is a presence but they plan to move it higher.

President Zeydan Karalar said, “When we took office, our debt was about 4 times our income. At the end of this year, our income will be around 4 billion, and our debt will decrease to 4 billion liras. We have become an active municipality that increases its income, pays debts and increases service.”

Stating that Adana Metropolitan Municipality has poured asphalt in incomparable amounts with previous periods and that there are almost no villages left untouched even in distant districts, Mayor Zeydan Karalar said how the savings made as a result of financial discipline were transformed into services, the construction machines that were previously rented for large sums were brought to the municipality by purchasing, and with such methods, the municipality was brought to work. He told me what they could do.

Reminding that an agreement was reached for 81 buses to be used in public transportation, 60 trucks and construction equipment were purchased, an underpass was built in 86 days and new roads were built, Mayor Zeydan Karalar emphasized that they turned Adana into a construction site, and that they did all this by increasing income and without borrowing.

Announcing that a tender will be held for an important underpass on Teachers Boulevard and that they will do it without borrowing, Mayor Zeydan Karalar emphasized that the problems on the D-400 will decrease after completing the overpass at Şakirpaşa point.

Underlining that they are waiting for the approval of the Presidency for the second phase of the light rail system, President Zeydan Karalar stated that the project, which they hope to be approved, is of great importance for the solution of Adana's transportation problem. President Zeydan Karalar, who said that they will take action for the tram, said that they will do whatever it takes to reduce the transportation problem.

President Zeydan Karalar, who gave information about agricultural development, education, dormitory, kindergartens, libraries, parks, treatment facilities, infrastructure, roads, water, facilities for disabled citizens, NİYET Academy for women, support for sports-athletes and other services, explained the quality and quantity of service. He said they are increasing day by day.

Answering the questions of the participants sincerely and sincerely, Chairman Zeydan Karalar stated that Adana has spent all its time and energy to solve its problems and that they will continue to work resolutely.

Noting that they did not apply a management style that only provides routine municipal services, Mayor Zeydan Karalar stated that they contributed to the promotion of Adana, that they converted the idle potential energy of the city into kinetic energy, and that those who came to Adana were amazed as the promotion took place.

President Zeydan Karalar announced that they are not against Çukurova Airport, but they are definitely against the closure of Adana Airport.

President Zeydan Karalar said, “We love Adana and our country very much. We are deeply committed to the secular, democratic Republic founded by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. We do not want our country to deviate from the line of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and our struggle on this issue will continue.”

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