Minister Bilgin Made a Statement on Minimum Wage, EYT and Retirement Increase

Date Announced for Minimum Wage Reconciliation
Date Announced for Minimum Wage Reconciliation!

Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, went to Erzurum to attend various programs and visits within the scope of his contacts. Minister Bilgin, during his visit to the AK Party Erzurum Provincial Presidency, reminded that the 3rd meeting of the Minimum Wage Determination Commission will be held on Tuesday, December 20, and said, “We will reach an agreement on a wage level that our workers expect and our employers can pay. The minimum wage is a wage that the social state protects employees. Yes, the state does not pay the minimum wage, employers do, but the state determines the compromise on a minimum wage that will protect its workers. This is our main function here. We have solved many problems and we will solve them too.”

Stating that they hope they will share the news of a positive compromise on the minimum wage for Turkey after Tuesday, Minister Bilgin said, "I think Turkey will breathe a sigh of relief at a wage level that protects and satisfies our workers and contributes to their living standards."

Bilgin said that in the Minimum Wage Determination Commission, when there is a difference in numbers between the worker and the employer and there is no consensus, they intervene as the state and try to reconcile the parties.

“Technical Problems are Solved in EYT”

Reminding that they have solved the 3600 Additional Indicator problem and that it will be implemented as of January, Minister Bilgin also touched upon the issue of retirement age (EYT) and said, “We shared with the public that we will complete and complete the EYT by the end of this month. There are some technical problems, those problems are solved. There was no digital environment in the past, our retirees or citizens who think they will retire now apply, we find their files. There are files that have not been transferred to the digital environment, there are many problems such as working somewhere, leaving there, interrupting or not. After all this information and data is revealed, we will make a collective evaluation. Then a decision will be made on how to solve that problem. We will hopefully make our work put on the parliamentary agenda by the end of the month.”

Minister Bilgin stated that they support all efforts that will create employment and create new job opportunities, and noted that they will also support municipal companies that are capable of creating employment.

“We Will Announce the Arrangement That Will Not Hurt Our Retirees”

Underlining that the work on retirees continues, Minister Bilgin said, “We complete our work on our retirees in December every year. We will share with our President the regulation that will not make them victims of inflation and will eliminate the negative effect of inflation. We will explain it," he said.

Explaining that Turkey is one of the two fastest growing countries in the world this year, Bilgin continued his words as follows:

“So the pandemic crisis started after China, we are one of the few countries that came out of it the strongest, and we are the second country in the world in terms of growth. This is something extremely important. When Turkey grows by 7 percent, it creates approximately 1 million 250 thousand jobs. Turkey's foreign trade is multiplying and developing. Turkey exports an average of 20 billion dollars per month. Therefore, Turkey needs to continue on its way and increase this power. This can only happen with democracy and the will of the people. As the will of the nation gets stronger, Turkey gets stronger.”

Stating that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan saved the world from the hunger crisis, Bilgin stated that we are passing through a period in which Turkey takes a central position in world politics.

Stating that there are those who are disturbed by these developments, Bilgin said, "There are those who want to neutralize Turkey in its own geography, those who want to drive it away from the Mediterranean, and those who say what's wrong with Libya, Syria, Iraq and the Caucasus. Turkey is a country that establishes and builds peace. All these are expressions of Turkey's power. We will multiply our friends. We will further strengthen our relations with the countries in our cultural geography.”

Stating that those who want to break up and divide the Anatolian geography are the representatives of the western imperialists, Bilgin said, “As Turkey gets stronger, it will establish peace in this region as well. It will ensure stability in the region. This stability will also contribute to our development. As a result, Turkey's problems are problems that can be solved. Every problem ahead is a solvable problem. As long as democracy works in Turkey, as long as the will of the nation, which constitutes Turkey's main power, works. As the representatives of this will, we will overcome every problem.”

After meeting with the party members, Minister Bilgin visited Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen and Governor Okay Memiş in their offices and talked for a while.

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