No Numbers were Discussed at the 2nd Meeting of the Minimum Wage Negotiations

Numbers Not Discussed at the Meeting of Minimum Wage Negotiations
No Numbers were Discussed at the 2nd Meeting of the Minimum Wage Negotiations

The second of the minimum wage negotiations, which millions of employees are eagerly waiting for, was completed in 2 hours and 40 minutes, hosted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

After the second meeting of the Minimum Wage Detection Commission, which lasted for 2,5 hours at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, TÜRK-İŞ Secretary General Pevrul Kavlak and TİSK Secretary General Akansel Koç made statements to the press.

Stating that the representatives of the Treasury and Finance and Trade ministries and TURKSTAT made their presentations at the meeting, Kavlak said that they requested additional information from these institutions.


“We will evaluate the presentations made today with TÜRK-İŞ management and we will make a statement tomorrow morning,” said Kavlak, when asked about the date of the third meeting, “We did not set a date for the third meeting. We will wait for the presentations we want to arrive. I think it will probably hang over next week. If he arrives early, we will hold the fourth meeting.” made its assessment.

Kavlak, when asked whether numbers were discussed at the meeting, said, “A number was not spoken. I don't know if the next meeting will be the last, but now the numbers will start to be talked about." he replied.

TİSK Secretary General Koç also referred to the presentations of the relevant institutions and said that they will meet again after the preparation of the additional information requested.

When asked about the "minimum wage employer support", Koç said, "Here, as in previous years, the minimum wage employer support is on the table again this year. We reiterated our request in this regard.” used the phrases.


The minimum wage is determined by the commission consisting of workers, employers and state representatives as required by law. The first meeting of the commission was held on 7 December.

The employer side is represented by the Turkish Confederation of Employer Unions (TİSK), and the worker side is represented by the Turkish Confederation of Workers' Unions (Türk-İş), the Minister of Labor Vedat Bilgin. The parties state that they want the minimum wage to be determined by common consensus.


The negotiations of the minimum wage determination commission started on December 7, with the worker's request for a 'raise plus tax bracket' and the employer's proposal for an 'inflation plus welfare share'.

Representing the worker in the commission, Türk-İş will conduct this year's minimum wage negotiations together with the increase in the tax bracket as well as the improvement of the tax bracket.

Türk-İş and TİSK had previously sent a joint letter to the government on this issue, reporting that the income tax bracket, which was 20 times the minimum wage 20 years ago, had decreased to 5 times, which led to a decrease in salaries in the middle of the year.

Since the minimum wage is already exempt from taxation, this demand will prevent the loss of income of those who earn more than the minimum wage.

Türk-İş President Ergün Atalay also announced that they would start the minimum wage bargain from 7 thousand 785 liras, which is the hunger limit data for November.

While the reactions to the fact that the bargaining will be started at the lowest level are growing, Atalay said, “Some non-benevolent people are judging us because 'Türk-İş demanded 7 thousand 785 liras'. We do not have a proposal for a minimum wage. We are talking about the hunger limit,” he said.


At the first meeting, the results of the research initiated within the scope of the Works of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security to Determine the Minimum Wage to be Valid in 2023 were also announced.

In the statement, it was stated that the common expectation of the public, consisting of citizens from various professions who are not workers or employers, for the minimum wage for 2023 was 7 thousand 845 liras.


On the other hand, various demands continue to come about how much the minimum wage should be raised.

While CHP's minimum wage proposal for 2023 was 10 thousand 128 TL, DİSK's demand stood out as 13 thousand 200 TL net.

Hak-İş Chairman Mahmut Arslan, on the other hand, emphasized that employees could not stand against high inflation and high cost of living and said: "It is clear that a healthy minimum wage will not emerge in the structure of this commission."

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