Ankara Sof Fabric Will Open to the World with Public Education Centers

Ankara Sof Fabric Will Open to the World with Public Education Centers
Ankara Sof Fabric Will Open to the World with Public Education Centers

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer attended the Ankara Sof Workshop, which was organized in order to bring to the agenda commercially, economically, agriculturally and sociologically the sof fabric, which is obtained from the wool of Ankara Angora goat, and to remind, gain reputation and revive it.

Ankara Sof Workshop opening ceremony was held at Mogan Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School (MTAL) Application Hotel with the participation of Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer. Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Özer stated that they update the figures of the points reached in the targets set by the Ministry of National Education in 2022 every Monday morning and that the Ministry exceeded these targets one by one.

Reminding that the first goal of the Ministry is to build 3 new kindergartens, Özer said, “Our goal was to bring the enrollment rates in pre-school education to the OECD average because pre-school education was the key and focal point of equality of opportunity in education. As of today, we have brought the capacity of 5 kindergartens to the children of our country. In other words, while we set out with the target of 541 thousand kindergartens in 2022, we have reached the capacity of 3 thousand 5 kindergartens in a short time like one year.” he said. Özer noted that he believes that this capacity will exceed 541 thousand at the end of the year with the current investments, and that this is a revolution.

2022 targets are realized above the predicted data

Stating that the enrollment rate for five-year-olds has reached from 65 percent to 98 percent in a short time like one year, Özer said that this rate will most likely reach 100 percent by the end of the year.

Özer continued as follows: “This constitutes one of the biggest breakthroughs made for the future of our country. Another was vocational training centers. After that law change we made in vocational training centers on 25 December 2021, our President announced our 2022 target as 1 million apprentices and journeymen. As of that day, the number of apprentices and journeymen in Turkey was 1 thousand at the time when our President announced 159 million apprentices and journeymen. As of today, we have reached 1 million 110 thousand. Before the end of 2022, we have completed this target. Another is that for the first time, we made an expansion about the auxiliary resource. Our Honorable President also announced that in the 2022-2023 academic year, we will distribute auxiliary resources to all education levels and bring 100 million auxiliary resources together with our children. As of today, we have brought 160 million helpful resources together with all our students. Here too, we achieved the target and exceeded it by fifty percent. At the same time, we started a project under the auspices of Esteemed Emine Erdoğan, with the goal of “No School Without a Library”. We built libraries for all schools without libraries in 2021, but we set a goal in 2022, we said, “We will increase the content of libraries, that is, the number of books from 28 million, to 100 million. As of today, we have reached 105 million books.”

We aimed to provide multidimensional support to the development of our teachers.

Referring to the goals related to teachers, Minister Özer stated that they acted to support the personal and professional development of teachers in a multidimensional way and to put different mechanisms into use for this purpose. Özer said, “Our goal was to increase the training hours per teacher to 2022 hours in 120. As of today, despite the increase in the number of teachers in Turkey, the training time per teacher has reached 205 hours. This figure will likely reach 2022 hours by the end of 250.

Another important goal of ours; This is what requires us to be here today, increasing the capacity of lifelong learning, increasing the capacity of access to our citizens…” Özer said: “Generally, it reaches three to four million citizens a year through the Ministry of National Education, public education centers and maturation institutes. Why is this important? We wanted to reach 1 million of our citizens every month with our goal of not only providing education for our children in the education age population, but also supporting adults with continuous education within the scope of lifelong learning. In other words, it was to reach twelve million citizens by the end of the year. The majority of this is composed of our female trainees, who are generally in the 65 percent band. Therefore, our priority was to support our women's life skills and to create continuous support mechanisms for their employability. As of today, we have reached 12 million 242 thousand 46 citizens.”

Expressing that they are very happy to achieve all of the targets set, Özer said, “If we are going to set out with the vision of the 'Century of Turkey' announced by our President, it is not tomorrow; Now, starting today, we have to do everything.” he said.

3 new goals about lifelong learning shared

Minister Özer, who stated that he wanted to share with the public three new goals regarding the General Directorate of Lifelong Learning on the occasion of the program, said, “Our first target is that there are over 3 courses in the General Directorate of Lifelong Learning. We will update all of these courses by the end of 500. We will update it to prioritize employment, taking into account the demands of academics, experts and the labor market.” shared his knowledge.

Özer talked about other goals with these words: “Our second goal is to transfer all courses to the digital platform. With the 'Public Education Centers Informatics Network', abbreviated as 'HEMBA', we will bring together all educational content on the digital platform until the end of 2022. Third target; we are now reaching an international dimension in public education. In other words, we will open all our courses that we have transferred to the digital platform with HEMBA for the use and certification of all our citizens in continental Europe, especially the Balkans. Therefore, not only our citizens in Turkey; As of January 1, 2023, we will have put into service a very important instrument related to the personal development of our citizens in continental Europe.”

Pointing to the points mentioned by the speakers who took the floor at the Ankara Pious Workshop, Özer said that with the new approaches of the Ministry, the dynamic intertwining of vocational education with the labor market is not only human resources; He stated that they acted in order to be able to carry out works related to production and intellectual property widely.

Özer continued his speech as follows: “As the Ministry, we will take all kinds of initiatives related to producing sof fabric, developing it with innovative approaches, but most importantly exporting it abroad, by following the same mechanism as we did in shawl and shawl fabric in Şırnak. Our village life centers were established for these purposes.

We made a change there, we established a public education center inside each village school. We wanted our citizens living in that village to be able to receive all kinds of education about agriculture, animal husbandry and daily life skills from their village, without coming to the district, without coming to the city… Up to now, 2 thousand citizens have received training in our 147 village life centers. Previously, this number was zero because there was no service going there. Here is the goal we want to make today about soft fabric; to establish a center, to establish a village life center, to breed and breed goats there, to follow up all the processes under the General Directorate of Vocational Technical Education and to attract the attention of the citizens by establishing their production and all weaving workshops through the public education center… to ensure the workability of our villages as apprentice journeymen from there, but to export the produced products abroad… As the Ministry of National Education, we perceive this as a historical responsibility. I wish the workshop to be beneficial, and I extend my love and respect to all of you.”

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