Ankara Rail Systems Network Expands

Ankara Rail Systems Network Expands
Ankara Rail Systems Network Expands

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has solved the transportation problems that have been neglected for years in the capital, is celebrating the 80th anniversary of the EGO General Directorate. EGO General Directorate; It continues to undertake many innovations, from buses purchased for the first time since 2013, to new metro line projects, from bicycle paths to alternative transportation projects.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to use its resources to meet the needs of the people of the capital that have been neglected for years.

EGO General Directorate, which produces new projects to provide a more modern, state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly, comfortable and safe transportation to the citizens of the capital, continues its transportation activities throughout the city for a period of 3 years.

Celebrating the 80th anniversary of the establishment of EGO, which brings together the citizens of the capital with environmentally friendly, sustainable, safe and comfortable transportation, ABB President Mansur Yavaş said, “Each day of our EGO General Directorate is a separate mark on the roads of Ankara. On the 80th anniversary of its establishment, I would like to extend my respects to all my colleagues under the roof of EGO and to everyone who has contributed to our institution in the past.”


Dikimevi Natoyolu Light Rail System Project

ABB took action to prevent traffic congestion caused by the increasing population density and the number of vehicles; It will bring 33,1 new rail system projects of 4 kilometers in total to Ankara, which does not have any completed metro lines.

The project prepared for Dikimevi-Natoyolu Light Rail System Project received approval from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. After the project, which was approved on October 26, 2022, is included in the 2023 investment program, the construction of the 8 kilometer line consisting of 7,4 stations will begin.

Project tenders were held for the 7,7 kilometers long Koru-Yaşamkent and Koru-Bağlıca Rail System Extension Lines, the 5 kilometers long Martyrs-Forum Rail System Extension Line and the 13 kilometers long Kızılay-Dikmen Rail System Line.


red new buses

A total of 2013 new buses of the latest model were purchased in Başkent, where the last bus was purchased in 394 and has a bus fleet that is twice as old as the world.

While the streets of Ankara were colored with new red buses, public transportation was also relieved.

EGO General Directorate has also established modern facilities in order to increase the service quality. EGO 400rd Region Mamak Campus with a capacity of 3 vehicles was brought to Ankara with a cost of 44 million TL, and EGO 300st Region Gölbaşı Campus with a capacity of 1 vehicles was brought to Ankara with a cost of 35 million TL.



Ankara, which does not have even a single kilometer of bicycle path, met with bicycle paths in the new period. Within 3 years, the construction of a total of 10 kilometers of blue road, 30 kilometers of which is integrated with public transportation, and 40 kilometers of which is universities, industrial zones and parks, was completed.

While the "Bicycle Campus" was put into service within the scope of the "Smart Ankara Project", which was prepared to create a sustainable transportation plan in the capital, test drives with electric bicycles were also started.


Park Et Continue

Bringing together alternative transportation projects with the citizens of the Capital in order to minimize the traffic problem, ABB implemented the "Park and Continue" application at the National Library and Macunköy Metro Stations in order to reduce vehicle traffic and direct drivers to public transportation.

Thanks to the project, in which significant time and fuel savings are achieved, citizens benefit from the "Park and Continue" parking lots without paying any fees. It is aimed to expand the project to other suitable metro stations as well.

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  1. Why are you telling lies, I still live in Yenikent, the previous period subways, getting on the bus is a miracle, it was better before

  2. Let them extend the Kayaş train to Elmadağ first.

  3. When will the Ankara airport metro be announced……….

  4. You try to scribble the old period in your mind, but the commentators never believed it. Palava news site.