Ankara Fish Market Shopkeepers Are Satisfied With Their New Place

Ankara Fish Market Tradesmen Are Satisfied With Their New Place
Ankara Fish Market Shopkeepers Are Satisfied With Their New Place

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which revived the "Fish Market" located in Yenimahalle Wholesale Market and waiting to be renewed for years, brought a modern and comfortable facility to the Capital.

With the opening of the fish season, the fishermen, who continue their sales in more hygienic and healthy conditions, are very satisfied with their new location and their sales.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has revived the "Fish Market" in Yenimahalle Wholesale Market, which has been waiting to be renewed for years, has brought a modern, hygienic and comfortable facility to the Capital.

Opened by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş on September 7, 2022, the “New Fish Market” continues to serve the residents of the Capital with its renewed, comfortable and modern form.


10 shops and a 14 square meter cold storage area were built on a land of approximately 235 thousand square meters in Yenimahalle Wholesale Market. At the same time, in order to keep the fish fresh until the moment of sale, the shops have their own cold storages, and a parking lot for 46 vehicles has been built in the area.

Stating that the tradesmen are very satisfied with the renewed fish market, ABB Wholesale Market Branch Manager Fatih Aydemir said, “Our modern, hygienic and made according to the conditions of the day, serves the people of Ankara. Tradesmen previously worked in a state with little social facilities. But now, tradesmen work in a modern structure with hot water, natural gas and social facilities. The fish carpet is washed every day. The people of Ankara are very lucky this year in terms of being able to eat fish in healthy and hygienic conditions.”


While the activity continued in the stalls of the Fish Market, which was renovated and put into service, the fishermen who made their sales in their new places also expressed their satisfaction with working in hygienic and healthy conditions. The fisherman said:

-Menderes Soysalcı: “Our shops are very nice and clean. He gave us a good service in this regard. This is the most beautiful fish market in Turkey. It was like a slum before.”

-Cafer Söylemez: “Since we have connections with Istanbul, İzmir and Bursa, we have visited the markets there, but the best quality and most modern is the Ankara Carpet. In terms of comfort, we had a nice facility from the bathroom to the heating system. The season is also going very fruitfully.”

-Mustafa Şimşek: “The old situation was very bad. Our current location is beautiful. There is no such situation in any other province in Turkey. The people are very satisfied, there is participation from all provinces. I thank our President for this support.”

-Hikmet Eşiyok: “Our situation has become immaculate. Our President provided a hygienic facility. It used to be very dirty here. As an Ankara citizen, I am proud of Mansur President.”

-Seyithan Hakbilen: “We have been working in barracks for 15 years. This place was like a dump. We were cold at night, no stove, no heater… Right now there is a heater, it's hot. It was like a hotel to us. Thank you."

-Erhan Hakbilen: “We are very pleased with the situation. We were selling fish in containers. It was beautiful this way. We have everything in the kitchen, bathroom, air conditioner, heater. Fish is plentiful this year, too.”

-Okan Okcu: “This service is the best service in the fish market in Turkey. I would like to thank the people of Ankara and the tradesmen of Ankara for providing such a facility. Ankara is the center of this business. Ankara residents eat the freshest fish in Ankara.”

-Kerim Isıcak: “I have been working as a fish for 40 years. For many years, we have served in fish houses and barracks. People coming from out of town open up when they see such a beautiful and modern fish house. They buy hygienic and healthy fish and sell them to the public.”

-Keke Takeover: “His old self was bad. There was not even a sleeping place, our toilet was bad. Everything we had was a disgrace. At the moment we are not disturbed when it rains. When we get wet, we dry it. We can wash it when it gets dirty. We even have a place to stay here when we can't go home."

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