Golden Horn Reaches 'Golden Horn Art'

Golden Horn 'Halic Reaching Art'
Golden Horn Reaches 'Golden Horn Art'

IMM has revived the derelict Ottoman heritage 'Fener Houses', located on the shores of the Golden Horn and abandoned to its fate for years. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, stated that they brought 3 historical buildings back to their former glory under the name of 'Haliç Art' within the scope of the "150 Projects in 150 Days" marathon to the cultural and artistic life of the city. "What we call the transformation of Istanbul can actually bring you together with great treasures," said İmamoğlu. It has brought us meeting points that will strengthen that art fiction on its axis. Here, you can watch the traces of history, spirituality, a powerful show of what kind of city we actually live in," he said. İmamoğlu invited all Istanbulites to visit the 3 points of the Golden Horn Art.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) brought 3 historical buildings of Ottoman heritage, which were left derelict for years on the shores of the Golden Horn and left to their fate, to the cultural and artistic life of the city within the scope of the "150 Projects in 150 Days" marathon. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlumade examinations in historical places restored by İBB Heritage teams and put into service under the name of "Haliç Art". Imamoglu; Yavuz Sultan Selim Mahallesi Abdul Ezel Pasa Caddesi No:4 (Haliç Art Focus 1), in the same neighborhood and street No: 95 (Haliç Art Focus 2) and Balat Mahallesi Mürsel Paşa Caddesi No: 6 (Haliç Art Focus 3) He received detailed information about the areas put into service from Oktay Özel, Head of IMM Cultural Heritage Department. IMM Secretary General, Can Akın Çağlar, accompanied İmamoğlu on the examination tour. İmamoğlu made his assessment of the areas saved from their derelict state at Haliç Art Focus 2.


İmamoğlu used the following expressions in his speech broadcast live on his social media accounts:

“What we call the transformation of Istanbul can sometimes bring you together with great treasures. I would like to say that I am very impressed. My friends, they did an amazing job. Haliç Sanat is places of extraordinary beauty that emerged with the acquisition of our 3-focused building. In other words, when you look at it, the transformation of the structure, which has survived a few centuries ago, but turned into ruins and was somewhat destroyed, by including the traces of the past, gave us the meeting points that will strengthen that art setup on the axis of the Golden Horn we dreamed of. Here, you can actually watch the traces of history, spirituality, a powerful show of what kind of city we live in. The depth inside the structures that seem very tiny can bring you together with different dreams. In my opinion, this is the focus of being able to look at the past with such a look, and to the future with hope. So being here, feeling that this is getting better today, are the points where we think you can fix a lot of things in the future.”


“Right now, my friends have prepared three places. What is even more beautiful; not only the restoration of our spaces, but also their transformation into an art field and meeting with our precious artists there. We are now in the second focus and here we are together with the magnificent works of Fatih Alkan. Here, you can see the emergence of magnificent works from materials that are actually in our lives, that you will recognize when we see them, that we know as simple. Its name is an exhibition called 'Devinen Life'. I visited the first one. There, too, we have a very valuable artist Vahap Avşar. There you can find an exhibition called 'Operation Freedom'. I'll go to the third point soon. There, too, I will see Hülya Özdemir and Ferhat Seller's exhibition 'In the Shadow of Pale Roads'.”


“Make sure to come. visit. Feel the Golden Horn Art. In the third part, we also have a Beltur Cafe. Drink your coffee too. I recommend you to take this Golden Horn tour with your children and families. Our surprises will continue. Just opposite, at the Haliç Shipyard, our extraordinary art spaces are inside the Golden Horn Shipyard, where it will meet with Istanbulites. On the one hand, he will see the effective and active production of the shipyard, the production of today's electric boats, but also the repair processes of our ferries, which are also the magnificent traces of the past, bringing the Paşabahçe Ferry back to life. On the other hand, they will see a magnificent area with exhibition halls, where Istanbul meets a very special art. We have many surprises. The arrival of the tram and the hundreds of thousands of square meters of green space around the tram, Eminönü Square and the participation of Fesahane in its position extending all the way to Alibeyköy brings you the most striking art center in the world. Well done to all of our friends. This is, so to speak, our heartfelt thanks to our artists who helped make the celebration network beautiful. Please people of Istanbul, please come. From tomorrow, visit three locations of Haliç Sanat for now.”

İmamoğlu responded to the "contribution" request of the artist Ferhat Seller by writing "Everything will be fine" on the wall in Haliç Sanat Odak 3.

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