New Year Events Held at Akkuyu NPP

New Year's Events Held at Akkuyu NGS
New Year Events Held at Akkuyu NPP

Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NGS) construction site hosted three New Year celebrations for the first time in the project's history. 1-4 of the project staff. grade school students were invited to the field to participate in the activities accompanied by traditional Russian fairy tale characters such as Ded Moroz, Russia's Santa Claus, and Snegurochka, which depicts Santa's granddaughter.

A hall specially allocated for the event was decorated. The cafeteria of Akkuyu NPP construction personnel witnessed a colorful New Year's show for two days. Christmas trees were placed everywhere and the ceiling was decorated with ribbons and snowflakes. A separate hall was reserved for workshops on making fancy gingerbread cookies and decorative paper snowflakes. A huge wall with the outline of the Christmas tree, Santa Claus and other Christmas symbols was also reserved for the children to paint.

Pioneering this party for children, Akkuyu Nuclear A.Ş. General Manager Anastasia Zoteeva addressed the children with a video message before and at the end of the event. Zoteeva said, “I think you will have a wonderful holiday. Don't forget to take a photo with Santa and show me your photos afterwards. Happy new year to all of you! I wish you an unforgettable holiday and a wonderful party. Have fun! May the new year bring you health, happiness and success. Make your mothers and fathers happy and have a wonderful holiday with you!” she spoke.

In addition to a theatrical performance with fairy tale characters, there were also competitions and riddles in the program. The children also did a circle dance around the tree. The little ones had fun with “confetti rain” at the end of each performance.

Next to the main hall was a photo area where children and their parents took pictures on Santa's sleigh in front of the Christmas tree. In addition, at each performance, the jury members determined the winners of the costume competition in three categories: "Exactly the Same", "Symbol of the Year" and "Most Original Costume".

More than 600 children of project employees participated in the New Year events held at the Akkuyu NPP site. Gifts, gingerbread cookies and colorful icing to decorate the cookies were distributed to each child.

Second year student Alice Dağdelen said, “I attended the party with my classmates and I loved it! Before the show we were given a nice meal. Then we painted a large painting wall, decorated gingerbread cookies, sang and danced with fairy tale characters. I even read a poem to Santa and he gave me a present. I realized that my mom's job is not boring at all!” she expressed her feelings.

Third year student Ilya Shvetsov said, “The snowfall was so unexpected! Nobody expected this! I got treats and gifts for a poem I wrote to Santa. Thanks!" he said.

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