1 Million Families Have Been Reached So Far With The Family School Project

Millions of Families Have Been Reached Up To Today With The Family School Project
1 Million Families Have Been Reached So Far With The Family School Project

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer announced that 1 million families have been reached so far with the Family School project, which was initiated to support families in multiple ways with different educations. Özer said, “With the 44-hour training given under ten main topics, the structure of our families is multidimensionally supported, and thus, intra-family communication becomes much stronger.” said.

To date, 1 million families have benefited from the Family School project carried out by the Ministry of National Education in line with the objectives of family relations, home management and guiding children's behavior management.

Families are supported with courses in different fields

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer stated that the family school is implemented in 81 provinces and in many different fields in his evaluation on the subject, “Social skills, family communication management and effective communication, use of technology, moral development, stress management, healthy nutrition, environment and first aid. We support our families in many ways with trainings on the subjects. Our trainings, which are currently in ten different branches, will continue under fourteen different topics with the addition of different topics. Our families participating in the training express their satisfaction by expressing that at the end of the education process, their communication with their children is strengthened and they have learned how to support their children in many dimensions in many processes.” said.

1 million families received education with the Family School project

Pointing out that tens of thousands of families have been reached so far in the project, which was expanded to 12 cities with the opening ceremony attended by President Erdoğan's wife Emine Erdoğan on August 2022, 81, Özer said: We continue. In this context, I am very happy to have reached 1000 million families so far.” used the phrases.

“We will be with our families more in all processes”

“We will now be with our families more in all processes.” Stating that the trainings in different fields will be constantly updated, Özer shared the following information: “Family School second stage trainings by adding four more topics: 'family law, family in Turkish literature, individual development and cultural awareness, parental attitudes and child development' to the education topics in the project. We will continue to reach out to our families. In the context of cultural values, the family institution is very important for us. The more we put the family at the center and make it stronger and conscious, the more we will support the multifaceted success of our students in schools. Our society becomes that much stronger because education is not just a process that takes place with an in-school factor; It is a process that is highly dependent on the level of education and communication, which are factors outside of school, especially within the family. Our families are able to communicate effectively with education and also have the opportunity to communicate more consciously with their children about technological addiction. In addition, within the scope of the courses, a very important gain is gained in cultural values, moral values, social development in the family, effective communication, awareness of psychological developments.”

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