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tomarrows arc
tomarrows arc

Since 1980, the global gap between rich and poor has widened even further. The wealth of the world's billionaires is growing at a rate of 13% per year, and the average annual wage growth rate for ordinary workers is only 2%. The report published by the British Parliament in 2017 showed that 50% of the world's wealth will be concentrated at 1%.

Fortunately, there are always pioneers who move forward through the tide of time. To change the centralized world, pioneers have unleashed blockchain technology. Over the next decade, the decentralization trend has swept the blockchain around the world, leading us to see the dawn of wealth justice. Blockchain technology goes hand in hand with crypto digital assets and forms the basis of each other's existence. With the popularization and continued application of blockchain technology, crypto digital assets will become the dominant development trend of the future society.

But unlike many investment markets, the digital asset investment market is trending. The trading market runs 24 hours a day and there is no protection mechanism such as a maximum price. Therefore, it is not easy for individual investors to profit in the secondary market for digital assets. Mood influences judgment and affects neither permanent profits nor others. The powerful quantitative deal service of artificial intelligence can automate the deal so investors can get maximum profit. The future will be the era of computer quantitative commerce, personal investment has no chance to win against computer quantity. That's why the latest asset management platforms have started using computer quantitative trading to provide the service.

ARK of Tomorrow was founded in October 2020, it was founded by Anad and Kevin. To meet the needs of trading digital assets, it has successfully developed an intelligent trading robot based on the price difference between different exchanges. It has launched a next-generation quantum system artificial intelligence that combines intelligent algorithms, distributed storage, and giant computer processing to create Praise of the Lord. H is fixed for trading digital assets, freeing the hands and minds of investors, completely solving investment problems and making sustainable and stable profits.

ARK team of tomorrow's authoritative financial investment, blockchain, digital asset trading, computer intelligence and others combined to consider the complexity of the trading environment and the diversity of user needs, we conducted many typical tests of Tomorrow's ARK before its launch and adopted five advantages and two strategies of Tomorrow's Its ARK can fully meet the different investment needs of different users.

Five advantages

The simple thing is: no learning costs, starting a trading system, fully automatic guardianship.

Auto trading: 7*24 non-stop auto trading, no need to watch, intelligently anti-waterfall and stop profit tracking.

AI aggregation strategy: analyze big data for me in real time and intelligently suggest the latest parameters of the strategy.

Lightning Network: Launch the chance to profit in the speed of millisecond-level transactions.

Honest and reliable: All data can be checked, users fully control account permissions.


Tomorrow's ARK has created leverage grid, futures advantage and other versatile gross quantitative trading functions based on Martingail trading strategy and grid trading strategy, and added technical features such as uptrend and downtrend tracking, anti-pin and anti-waterfall technology. It is more suitable for complex market environment.

In the world's largest investment market - Forex investment market, the application of quantitative trading has spread to artificial intelligence, and many investment institutions have relied on artificial intelligence quantitative trading service, which in the free investment market has shown that artificial intelligence quantitative trading has largely replaced manual trading.

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