Şanlıurfa Wind at Travel Turkey İzmir Fair

Sanliurfa Ruzgari at Travel Turkey Izmir Fair
Şanlıurfa Wind at Travel Turkey İzmir Fair

Organized for the 16th time, International Travel Turkey Tourism Fair is held in Izmir Fair Center. At the International Tourism Fair, which hosts cities and cultural values ​​from all over Turkey, the stand established by Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, the music and the palate-breaking flavors of Şanlıurfa blew the wind at the fair.

In Şanlıurfa, which has been selected as the Tourism Capital of Islamic Countries in 2023, the Metropolitan Municipality introduces the ancient culture, gastronomy, music and unique beauties of Şanlıurfa with various cultural activities, promotional days and tourism fairs at the point of promoting the city in all areas.

Under the leadership of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, we met under the umbrella of tourism and promotion with the participation of companies in the tourism sector in Şanlıurfa. Thousands of visitors who filled the fairground visited the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality stand and tasted the local delicacies. The registered flavor of Şanlıurfa, Çiğköfte, was also served to the visitors.

Providing information about the fair, which was held under the coordination of the Culture and Tourism Department, Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Tourism Department Head Niyazi Kocadağ underlined that they will continue to be involved in such promotional activities by raising the bar in the field of tourism under the leadership of our Metropolitan Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül.

While the first day of the 16th International Travel Turkey Tourism Fair saw great interest from the visitors, the visitors visiting the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality stand said that the stand was carefully prepared, that Şanlıurfa is an ancient city and that they will come to see Şanlıurfa at the first opportunity.

The International Izmir Travel Turkey Tourism Fair, where cities have the opportunity to promote their tourism potential, cultural values, gastronomy and music, will end on Saturday, December 10th.

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