Precautions Against Hair Loss

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Precautions Against Hair Loss

Acıbadem Ataşehir Hospital Dermatology Specialist Dr. Züleyha Özgen talked about the precautions to be taken against hair loss and the methods applied.

Stating that hair loss is one of the most common problems today, Dr. Özgen said, “An adult has an average of 100-150 thousand hairs and it is generally accepted to lose 50-100 hairs a day. However, when the hair loss is noticeable, it falls out suddenly or in patches, when the front hairline is pulled back, when more hair is shed than normal while combing or washing, it is absolutely necessary to consult a dermatologist. said.

Pointing out that there may be many reasons for hair loss, Özgen said, “Although the most common cause of hair loss is hereditary tendency, many factors such as various diseases, unbalanced diet, side effects of some medications, stress-inducing factors, faulty hair styling and exaggerated or inappropriate hair care products can cause hair loss. can cause spills. If hair loss, which is a serious concern for almost all of us, is not actually caused by an important health problem or is not an advanced hereditary loss, we can regain shiny and lush hair with the treatments applied. he said.

Noting that there are many treatment options depending on the cause of hair loss, Özgen said, “Today, we use various methods to stop hair loss, improve the quality of hair and activate new hair growth. Although it varies according to the underlying factor, it is usually possible to restore the hair to a much better condition with the use of the right treatments, which are started in the early period and applied patiently. Since no method is XNUMX% effective, we increase our chances of success by using treatment methods together or alternately.” used his statements.

10 tips against hair loss

Özgen underlined that faulty practices in hair care are among the most common factors that cause hair loss, and listed the rules to be considered in order to prevent excessive hair loss:

“Avoid pulling your hair tight. Do not use exaggerated and frequent styling products. Do not wash your hair often. You can wash every other day or twice a week. Dry gently with a towel, not harshly. Do not dry with high temperature hair dryers. Do not blow dry every week. Do not expose your hair to chemicals with processes such as Brazilian blowout, perming, bleaching and dyeing. Choose shampoos and conditioners that contain mild chemicals. Take care to comb your hair gently. Do not touch and pull frequently. Avoid heavy diets.”

Methods against hair loss

Various methods applied according to the underlying cause; Saying that it can stop hair loss, increase its quality and activate new hair growth, Özgen listed these methods as follows:

Use of local minoxidil lotion/foam

It is a treatment method approved by the FDA (American Pharmaceutical Association). In order to see the effectiveness of this method, which has been accepted as the gold standard in treatment until today, it needs to be applied to the scalp for at least 4-5 months. When the treatment is stopped, the process continues from where it left off, so long-term use is recommended.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

In the platelet-rich plasma, also known as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) method, a small amount of blood taken from the person is placed in a special tube and centrifuged, that is, separated. Plasma enriched in platelet and growth factors obtained; Successful results can also be obtained when applied back to the scalp by injection or locally applied to the scalp after microneedling methods such as dermapen. PRP is a very safe treatment option in terms of side effects in patients who want a fast effect.

Özgen said, “The PRP method, which is performed every year between 3-6 sessions with one month intervals, provides very satisfactory responses when combined with other treatments. The success of the treatment may vary depending on the method of obtaining the platelet-enriched plasma and the individual.” said.

Hair mesotherapy

Peptide, vitamins and hormones that will support hair growth in the mesotherapy method made with a wide variety of cocktails; It is given directly to the hair follicles with needles.

Emphasizing that the success of the treatment varies from person to person and the mesotherapy products used, Özgen said, “This method is applied annually with one month intervals and between 3-6 sessions. It is frequently preferred by patients because of the fast responses from the procedures performed with the right mesotherapy products.” he said.

Stem cell treatments

Stem cells taken from the body fat and hair follicles are multiplied under special laboratory conditions and injected back into the hair follicles with a needle. Stem cell therapy, which can be performed in 1-2 sessions a year, can have an effect between 2-5 years. This method, together with other treatments, gives very satisfactory results.

Low-dose laser and light treatments

Although their efficacy is limited on their own, low-dose laser and light treatments can increase the success of other treatments.

Finasteride/Dudasteride tablet

These agents, which prevent the conversion of the male hormone to its active form, can be taken orally as tablets, but can also be applied to the hair follicles with a needle in mesotherapy protocols. Due to some undesirable effects of being taken orally as tablets; finds use in selected limited patient groups. Their addition to mesotherapy protocols increases the chances of success of the treatment.

Flutamide and bicalutamide tablet

It is a method that suppresses the male hormone. Although highly effective, they are rarely used due to serious adverse effects on the liver.

Spironolactone tablet

Very effective results are obtained in genetic and hormonal hair loss in women. However, these tablets, which have a high success rate, need to be closely monitored for unwanted side effects in the right patient and used in the lowest possible doses.

minoxidil tablet

Although it has not been approved and studied enough in hair loss yet, this promising treatment gives very successful results in selected patients. However, it is very important to consult a cardiologist before the treatment in order to control the side effects that can be seen, albeit rare.

Birth control pills

In women with hormonal imbalance, the use of spirinolactone together or alone increases the success of the treatment.

Hair transplant

It can be applied to men and women who do not respond further with other treatments and are suitable for hair transplantation.

Medical prosthetic hair

This method is preferred by people who have not received the desired response with the treatment or who want to spend the healing process in a more acceptable way cosmetically. Medical prosthetic hair attached to the scalp can be reproduced from one's own hair, as well as made from someone else's hair or produced synthetically.

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