What is the current situation of Kenan Işık, who has been in a coma for 8 years? Who is Kenan Işık?

What is the latest status of Kenan Işık, who has been in a coma for years? Who is Kenan Işık?
What is the latest situation of Kenan Işık, who has been in a coma for 8 years? Who is Kenan Işık?

"Who wants to be a millionaire?" Kenan Işık, the legendary presenter of the program called, had a brain hemorrhage eight years ago when he fell in the sauna of the gym. Işık, who was 67 years old when he suffered a brain hemorrhage, has been in a coma since 2014. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Finally, a new statement has come about Kenan Işık, the unforgettable presenter of the program. Master artist Kenan Işık's latest health status, family and friends announced.

How is Kenan Işık's latest status?

Kenan Işık's health status was shared by his friend Ozan Zeybek in the past months and it was learned that he was well taken care of.

'It will be 8 years in April. But the maintenance is very good. That's how you know Kenan Işık. He shaves his beard every day and takes nutritional supplements. Inpatients usually have wounds and weakening. But Kenan Işık is just as we left him. It's very well looked after. It's like it's in the memory. He is very well looked after by his family.'

A new statement came from his family and friends regarding the final state of Kenan Işık, who has been in a coma and unconscious for 8 years. It was stated that there was no change in the artist's physical condition.

Kenan Işık, known for his Nanny series and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire program, has been under treatment for 21 years as a result of his accident on March 2014, 8. Işık, who entered the sauna while in the gym, fell and hit his head, was taken to the hospital with unconsciousness after the accident. Kenan Işık, who was treated in the intensive care unit for a long time, could not return to the screens.

Who is Kenan Işık?

Yusuf Kenan Işık (born October 1, 1947; Yakinca, Yeşilyurt, Malatya) is a Turkish actor, presenter, former journalist and former news presenter. He is best known for the television show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Kenan Işık, the son of a retired civil servant from the State Railways, started to do amateur theater in Malatya Community Center when he completed his secondary school education. He studied in the same class with Ulaş Bardakçı in Ankara, where he completed his high school education. At the same time, this period entered the Meydan Stage. After graduating from Gazi University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Public Administration, Işık became the artist of the General Directorate of State Theaters in 1972.

Işık also worked as the General Artistic Director of the City Theatres. The artist has written many theater plays during his continuing career. He worked for Yeni Yüzyıl (1995-1998), Yeni Binyıl (2000) and Akşam (2000-2002) newspapers. She appeared on the television screens in the series Nanny, which she shared with Gülben Ergen and Haldun Dormen. In 2005, Kenan Işık met Erdoğan Aktaş and started presenting Star Haber on April 4, 2005. Kenan Işık, who stopped presenting the news on 12 June 2005, left Star Haber on 20 August 2005 and became an actor again. The artist also hosted the "Who Wants 500 Thousand" contest, which is one of the phenomena among Turkish television programs, and continued to host the contest "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" with its new name.

It was learned that Işık, who entered the sauna on March 21, 2014, lost his balance after the sauna and hit his head on the ground. Işık, who was taken to the hospital unconscious and suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, was immediately taken to surgery. It was stated that the operation took 4 hours and the artist's life was in danger. The treatment of the artist, who was in a coma for a while after the event, is currently continuing at home.

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