More than 30 Foreign Buyers from 200 Countries Met with Bursa Machinery

u Askin Foreign Buyers from the Country Met with Bursa Machinery
More than 30 Foreign Buyers from 200 Countries Met with Bursa Machinery

More than 30 foreign buyers from 200 countries came together with Bursa companies within the scope of the Support for the Development of International Competitiveness (UR-GE) projects carried out by the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the machinery and aerospace defense sectors.

BTSO continues to bring together potential buyer companies abroad with its members with UR-GE projects. The procurement committee event organized for the machinery and aerospace defense sectors was held at the BTSO Service Building. More than 30 business meetings were held at the procurement committee event, in which more than 200 foreign buyers from 1.000 countries, mainly from Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, participated. BTSO Chairman of the Board of Directors İbrahim Burkay said that they offer important cooperation opportunities to Bursa producers and exporters with their qualified purchasing committees.

“The Machinery Industry Is Our Most Important Driving Force”

Noting that the machinery industry is one of the most important driving forces of the Turkish economy, President Burkay said, “Our industry, which makes the best use of the increasing demand in the global market after the pandemic, completed 2021 with 23 billion dollars of exports. As BTSO, we are carrying out important studies for the sector to continue its export-oriented growth. With the UR-GE projects we have realized for both the machinery and aerospace defense sectors with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, we especially contribute to SMEs becoming exporters and opening up to new markets. The production power of Bursa in the machinery sector is at a level that can compete with the giants of the world. However, producing alone is not enough, the important thing is to be able to market what you produce.” said.

“9 Thousand Buyers in 28 Years”

Pointing out that projects such as the Global Fair Agency, Commercial Safari, qualified fair organizations and procurement committees, which they have implemented in line with Turkey's export-oriented development goals, play an important role in making Bursa companies a global player, Burkay continued his speech as follows: “In the last 9 years, more than 28 thousand foreign visitors have been visited. We brought it together with our sectors in Bursa. We have also implemented our UR-GE projects, which we carry out with the support of our Ministry of Commerce, to carry our potential companies to global markets. Within the scope of our machinery and aerospace defense UR-GE projects, 30 companies from 200 countries met at the cooperation table today. These trade bridges we have created will provide significant gains to our industry.”

“Demand in Europe Heads to Turkey”

Foreign buyers who participated in the bilateral business meetings, on the other hand, drew attention to the demand directed to Turkey in the machinery sector in their evaluations. Jonas Bogusas, who attended the event from Lithuania, noted that after the developments in China and Asian countries, companies in Europe started to look for new commercial partners. Bogusas said, “We know that the Turkish machinery industry is quite competitive in terms of both quality and price. Upon the invitation of our Ministry of Economy, I came to Bursa and participated in bilateral business meetings. Our meetings here have been very productive. We met many companies that we can cooperate with in the future.” said.

Participating from Latvia, Justine Nagle stated that she came to Turkey for the first time and stated that the job interviews went well beyond her expectations. Nagle said, “The change in global trade led us to Turkey. Currently, there is a significant demand for Turkey in Europe. We had productive talks here.” she spoke.

“Turkey's Potential Is High”

Viacheslav Redko, who participated from Ukraine, stated that they came to Bursa with a very crowded delegation from Ukraine and said, “There is a war in Ukraine right now, but we have to work to keep our country alive. We have many companies in the machinery sector that want to do business with Bursa. Turkey's potential is very high. We believe that the event will take our trade volume to a higher level.” said.

Adalberto Horak, who participated in the bilateral business meetings from Italy, said, “We are interested in technical textile and composite machines. We have attended this event before. There are many companies that we met there and are currently working with. I am sure we will establish new collaborations in our meetings today. Turkey is a country where we can find very good partners in all branches of the machinery industry.” he said.

“Companies Leave Satisfied”

In the bilateral business meetings, 40 companies that are members of Makine UR-GE and 60 companies that are members of Aerospace Defense UR-GE took part. Ozan Kılıç from Nukon Lazer Makine stated that they held meetings with companies especially from Eastern Europe and Russia at the event. Kılıç said, “We think the event is beneficial. We discussed investment plans with companies from abroad. We will be in contact with these companies again in the coming period.” said.

Hilal Uysal, who participated in the bilateral business meetings representing Numesys company, said, “We are taking part in the organization of BTSO for the first time. We have the goal of directing our activities abroad. The bilateral business meeting event offered us a great opportunity in this sense. It was very beneficial for us to have one-on-one meetings with companies working in different fields of activity in different countries. We received very good feedback at the event.” said.

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