2023 Blockchain Professions to Stand Out in 5

One Blockchain Job to Be Released in a Year
2023 Blockchain Professions to Stand Out in 5

Blockchain technology appeals to more and more sectors with its development. While the innovations brought by technology continue to attract the attention of the business world, many new business lines appear as career alternatives. Cryptocurrency and blockchain news platform BTCHaber announced 5 blockchain professions that will enter our lives as the new year approaches.

With the increasing place of cryptocurrencies in our lives, the innovations brought by blockchain technology are coming to the fore more and more. While these innovations address many areas, they also directly affect the future of professions. Blockchain is a technology that has the potential to be effective in business development processes by integrating into almost all existing sectors. But on the other hand, with the development of crypto money, NFT and the metaverse ecosystem, new professions are emerging that can be spent on these areas. Cryptocurrency and blockchain news platform BTCHaber shared the blockchain professions that will come to the fore in the new year as 2022 ends.

Blockchain Development

It is possible to say that developers will be needed for the place of Blockchain in our lives to continue to increase. In order to realize this profession, it is necessary to have coding and software knowledge in today's conditions. Blockchain developers are especially important in the integration of different sectors into this field.

Metaverse Architecture

It would not be delusional to say that the Metaverse will be in the world of the future, both in our daily life and in our business life. For the time to be spent in the Metaverse, certain sandboxes need to be created. For this, architects who will serve in the metaverse environment are needed. Architects who design physical environments in today's conditions will need to design virtual structures that we will connect remotely while sitting in our homes this time.

NFT Design

NFTs are at the forefront of developing areas with blockchain. Although NFTs are perceived as one of the investment tools of crypto money enthusiasts today, they actually have very different functions. With the development of Metaverse, we will see that issues such as the creation of characters, the clothing of the created characters, the trade of art products and the development of property rights will progress within the framework of NFT.

Project Management

It would not be correct to call blockchain a technology that will only affect certain industries and business areas. With the moves started today, many sectors in the future will benefit from the convenience and advantages of this technology. However, in this process, project managers will be needed to ensure integration. Those who practice this profession will act as a bridge in the transition period by assisting in blockchain projects that will be developed by existing sectors.

Community Management

The Web 2.0 era has been a period in which the place of social media in human life has increased considerably. Again, with the transition to Web 3, communication will continue to maintain its role in this technological development. In this direction, it would not be wrong to say that professions related to communication will emerge in the coming period. One of these professions is community management. While the presence of people in various media and platforms increases, communities are formed in different areas. Community managers will have a great job to establish a healthy communication among these communities.

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