2023 SSK, Bağkur Retirement Increase How Much, What Percent? When Will It Be Announced?

SSK Bagkur Retirement Increase How Many Percentage Will It Be? When Will It Be Announced?
2023 SSK, Bağkur Retirement Increase How Much, What Percent Will Be Announced When Will It Be Announced

A critical bend has been entered for the retirement hike. Towards the end of December, eyes were turned to the date when the latest inflation data would be announced. In this context, the rate of increase to be applied to retirees according to 5 months is evaluated as 14,04 percent, and it is among the expectations that the rate will increase after the social welfare regulation. On the other hand, retirees who have been waiting curiously recently, "SSK Bağkur, how much will be the lowest pension increase, how many TL, when will it be announced?" Searching for answers online. The lowest salary was 3500 TL with the last decision. Well, 2023 SSK, How Much is Bağkur Retirement Increase? What Percent Will the Retirement Increase Be? When Will It Be Announced?

If the December inflation rate is around 3 percent, workers, tradesmen and farmer retirees will receive a small increase of 17.5 percent. According to TUIK, consumer prices have increased by 5 percent in the last 14.05 months since July, and the pension increase will be announced on Monday, January 2, 2022.

Civil servants, who are faced with a raise after a raise every month, at least want to relax a little with the inflation difference. While 2023 is expected for civil servants and pensioners, the salary increase rate seems to have been determined.

How Much Will The Retirement Salary Increase Be?

The increase in inflation is around 3 percent in December, and if an additional increase is not given for the election year, retired civil servants will have to settle for a dwarf salary increase of 18.6 percent, and workers, tradesmen and farmer retirees of 17.5 percent.

New Year's Increase 18.6 Percent

According to TUIK, consumer prices have increased by 5 percent in the last 14.05 months since July. In July, civil servants and civil servant retirees were increased by 7 percent, excluding the inflation difference. According to the calculation method of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, civil servants and civil servants will receive an inflation difference of 5 percent for the last 6.6 months. This difference, which shows that salaries and pensions have melted even in the face of TUIK inflation, which does not measure the real cost of living, will not be paid immediately, but with the increase in the collective agreement to be made in the new year. If inflation increases by 3 percent in December, 6-month inflation will rise to 17.5 percent. Thus, the inflation difference between civil servants and retired civil servants will increase to 9.8 percent. In addition to the inflation difference, the total raise rate will remain at the level of 8 percent with the 18.6 percent collective bargaining increase that the civil servant and retiree will receive. The pensions of workers, tradesmen and farmer retirees will be increased by 6 months, in other words, by 17.5 percent.

“We Will Announce the Arrangement That Will Not Hurt Our Retirees”

Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, said, “We complete our work on our retirees in December every year. We will share with our President the regulation that will not make them victims of inflation and will eliminate the negative effect of inflation. We will explain it as well,” he said.

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