2022 TSÜAB International Seed Workshop Started

TSUAB International Seed Workshop showcase
2022 TSÜAB International Seed Workshop Started

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Prof. Dr. Vahit Kirişci participated in the 2022 Seed Industrialists and Producers Sub-Association (TSÜAB) International Seed Workshop organized with the theme of “Seed for Our Future”.

In his speech at the opening of the workshop, Kirişci stated that Turkey is one of the world's leading countries in agricultural production, agricultural technologies and food industry.

Expressing that Turkey ranks 23,4st in the world in terms of total agricultural area with 14,6 million hectares of cultivated agricultural land and 31 million hectares of meadow pasture, Kirişci said, “According to World Bank 2020 data, it ranks first in Europe in terms of agricultural output and in the world. is in the top ten. In the last 20 years, we have increased our crop production amount by 20% and increased it from 98 million tons to 2021 million tons by 117. This year, we will increase this amount to 127,6 million tons. This will be an all-time record in terms of total crop production.” he said.

Minister Kirişci emphasized that the most important factor behind this success is the seed policies based on productivity and said that the seed means "life insurance".


Stating that seed growing is a strategic issue, Kirişci continued:

“The seed industry is also a sizable market, reaching $100 billion worldwide today. In the last 20 years, we have increased our certified seed production by 9 times to over 1,3 million tons. With the efforts of our valuable seed producers in the sector, 96 percent of the seeds used in our country are produced domestically. Turkey exports seeds to 132 countries. The varieties we have bred are produced not only in our country, but also in Central Asia, the Balkans, the Middle East and Africa. To date, we have registered a total of 14 varieties, of which 490 are registered and 1668 are licensed.


Kirişci explained that they are continuing their work resolutely to make production more efficient both in Turkey and in the countries of the region, to reduce the fragility of agricultural production due to climate change and diseases, to offer new seeds to farmers and to increase their income.

Noting that they closely follow the activities of seed breeders for seed production in accordance with the standards, Kirişci said that they are making great efforts to increase the quality in laboratory tests.

Minister Kirişci stated that their priority in the sector in question is to strengthen the technical infrastructure, competitiveness and representativeness of Turkish seed growing by joining forces with other stakeholders and to ensure that the highest quality production material is delivered to the farmer.

Stressing that Turkey's agricultural values, especially seeds, are protected by legislation, Kirişci expressed that they want the sector to be strengthened on the basis of legislation.

Minister Kirişci reminded that they started support payments in order to reduce the cost of seeds, increase yield and quality, and spread the use of certified seeds, and said, “Since 2005, we have made a total of 3,94 billion lira support payments. In the last two years, we achieved the highest increase in support prices in the use of certified seeds. We increased our certified seed support budget, which was approximately 400 million liras for this year, to 145 million liras for 2023 with an increase of 978 percent.” said.


Stating that the obstacles to food supply security can be overcome with R&D and innovative-based productivity increases, Kirişci said that they will continue their support policies with a holistic approach.

Kirişci informed that 32 genetic materials are preserved in 318 gene banks within the Ministry's research institutes, and 3 seed samples of approximately 400 species are under protection in two seed gene banks.

Reminding that they signed a “Cooperation Agreement in the Field of Seed” with Azerbaijan, Kirişci stated that they held meetings with Kazakhstan on technical information sharing and certification, and they contributed to the efforts of sharing experience and creating legislation with the seed certification and registration center in Uzbekistan.

Stressing that Turkey will continue to be an important actor in the seed sector as well as in agriculture, Kirişci stated that the unions have great duties to create a competitive and exporting seed sector that can meet its own needs.

Drawing attention to the importance of achieving a strong institutional basis and advanced cooperation, Kirişci noted that they are ready to provide technical support in the accreditation processes of friendly and brotherly countries to ensure their compliance with international seed growing standards.

Kirişci invited everyone to the International Union for Conservation of New Plant Varieties Vegetable Technical Working Group Meeting to be held in Antalya in May 2023 and the OECD Technical Working Group Meeting to be held in June, hosted by Turkey.

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