What is Library Staff, What Do They Do, How Do They Become? Library Staff Salaries 2022

Library Staff
What is Library Staff, What Do They Do, How to Become Library Staff Salaries 2022

Library staff is the person who works in libraries and is responsible for dealing with the general order of the library, books and subscribers coming to the library. These people not only record the new books that come to the library, but also follow up the borrowed books on the system. They have many duties such as calling and warning users when necessary for books that have expired and maintaining order in the library.

What Do Library Staff Do, What Are Their Duties and Responsibilities?

The duties of library staff may vary depending on the size of the library and the way it works. Libraries are usually opened by the state or universities. It is possible to practice the related profession in university libraries and public libraries. Although the duties of the staff vary according to the size of the libraries, they are basically as follows;

  • Registration of new books in the library,
  • Registering books to the system by taking into account information such as the subject, author's name and the name of the book,
  • Preparing labels according to the registration information of the books, labeling them from the front and side,
  • Monitoring the subscription processes of periodicals such as magazines and checking whether they regularly come to the institution,
  • Placing books and magazines in appropriate places according to their label numbers,
  • Renewing the bindings of damaged books, completing the missing pages and performing maintenance and repair operations,
  • Ensuring general order and cleanliness in the library,
  • Following up the journals, books and theses in the library,
  • Arranging and organizing the sections such as the meeting room, cinema or computer room in the library building,
  • Ensuring that the tools and equipment used in the meetings are in working condition,
  • If requested, photocopying of publications, journals and theses,
  • Borrowing and delivering books to subscribers coming to the library,
  • Following up the books in the library to return them on time, warning the users for the books that are late,
  • After the books delivered to the library are delivered, they are placed in their places in accordance with the categories,
  • Participating in census events held periodically in the library,
  • Opening subscriber registration for people who want to become new subscribers or helping participants who want to end their subscriptions,
  • Guiding subscribers who cannot find the publication or book they are looking for.

The library staff is also responsible for the security of the book and magazine publications in the building. The question of what the library staff does can be answered within the framework of all these duties and responsibilities. These areas, which are visited by many subscribers during the day, should be regular. For this reason, it is extremely important to maintain order by working in a disciplined way.

What Education Is Required to Become a Library Staff?

The question of how to become a library staff can be answered by saying that training in related undergraduate programs is required. Those who want to become library staff can study in the Information and Document Management or Documentation and Information departments of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of the universities.

What are the Requirements for Being a Library Staff?

When answering the question of what does the library staff do, it is necessary to mention the qualifications that must be possessed. Librarians should be people who enjoy reading, reviewing, labeling and classifying books. These people should be careful and work meticulously. They must be able to adapt to working in a closed and quiet environment. At the same time, the officer should enjoy working with data. This task requires good use of MS Office programs. Those who want to learn MS Office programs can receive training at the institutions where the relevant training is given.

What are the Recruitment Conditions for Library Staff?

Institutions that want to employ library staff may require the staff to fulfill certain conditions. Persons who will work as library staff can fulfill different tasks depending on the size of the library they work in. Basically, the requirements that a library staff must fulfill can be specified as follows:

  • Must be graduated from relevant university departments.
  • Must enjoy working in closed and quiet environments.
  • Must enjoy working with books and data.
  • Human relations should be good, verbal and written communication skills should be high.
  • He should know the books well and have knowledge about the authors and book categories.
  • Must be able to keep up with the intense work pace.
  • Must love to read and research.
  • Must be able to use MS Office programs and have basic computer knowledge.
  • Male candidates should not be related to military service.

Persons working as library staff should constantly follow different types of publications and keep up with current developments in the national and international literature. These people should be able to keep up with this working environment and continue their work in a regular and disciplined manner. Because library environments are areas with a lot of material, disciplined and regular work is very important. Library staff salaries may vary depending on the characteristics of the institution and the qualifications of the candidate.

Library Staff Salaries 2022

As Library Staff progresses in their careers, the positions they work and the average salaries they receive are the lowest 6.650 TL, the average 8.310 TL, the highest 13.590 TL.

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