What is an IT Manager, What Does He Do, How To Become? IT Manager Salaries 2022

What is IT Manager What Does It Do How To Become IT Manager Salaries
What is an IT Manager, What Does It Do, How to Become IT Manager Salaries 2022

IT manager is the title consisting of the initials of the concept known as "information technology". Information technology manager, as it is called in Turkey, contributes to the projects carried out in the field of informatics and finds solutions to current problems. In addition to providing services to companies in the fields of informatics in which they are experts, they also take part in various modernization plans. It is possible to answer the question of what is an information technology manager with the duties of the manager. Managing the information system of large data centers or companies and solving the problems that may arise in this department are among the main duties. What is the information technology manager job description? It is the person responsible for the control and development of computer networks, system data, computer parts, software functions, audio and video communication tools. The IT manager takes an active role in ensuring software security and preventing cyber attacks that may threaten company gains. Persons who have received the necessary training to be able to do all the specified items meet the definition of who is an information technology manager. In order to understand the functions of the administrator responsible for information technologies in the business, it is necessary to have knowledge about the duties and responsibilities of the IT manager.

What Does Information Technologies / IT Manager Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

The question of what does an information technology manager do, can be answered with the equipment required by the profession. An IT manager must first have a good command of information technologies. The IT manager is responsible for every step to be taken in the field of information technologies. It should plan the forward-looking IT budget, inform the administrative staff about the existing equipment, supervise and train the employees, and actively serve if the workforce is needed. The IT manager should also conduct performance reviews, lead vocational training and digital security. It works to mediate the plans of its employees for information technology and to convey these plans to the executive level. A detailed answer to the question of what are the duties of an information technology manager can be given as follows:

  • To follow the innovations in the field of informatics.
  • Pioneering technology breakthroughs that will improve working performance.
  • Evaluating investment results by auditing actively used information systems.
  • To select the appropriate hardware and software for the institution or company and to improve the existing facilities.
  • To prepare technology projects in line with company goals.
  • Controlling the data backup process.
  • Testing and modifying information systems as needed.

These items can be given in response to the question of what does an information technology manager do.

What Education Is Required To Become An Information Technologies / IT Manager?

To work in IT departments, it is necessary to graduate from an associate or undergraduate program. The use of information systems to store many data provides an advantage to experienced and trained personnel for IT jobs. Personnel responsible for information technologies must know at least one foreign language. A foreign language is needed to follow foreign media sources, to select those that may be of interest to the company among worldwide developments, and in some cases to liaise with foreign representatives. The question of which section should be read to become an information technology manager can be answered with more than one section. It is necessary to complete one of the departments of Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering or Management Information Systems. It is important to focus on personal development in order to become a well-equipped IT manager, despite having graduated from the relevant undergraduate departments. It may be beneficial to attend professionally relevant certified training programs to continue to improve after completing undergraduate education. A degree can be obtained in information technology, computer science, computer engineering or information technology management. To be a respected IT manager, it is necessary to have high academic qualifications. Therefore, going beyond a bachelor's degree can be beneficial. Among the joint master's programs required to become an IT manager are Technology Management and Information Technologies master's departments. The master's and work experience broaden one's perspective on IT and enable one to become educated in how to apply information technology knowledge. Qualifications that can be mentioned can be increased in order to answer the question of who is an information technology manager.

What are the Requirements for Being an Information Technologies / IT Manager?

Being an IT manager requires extensive knowledge and experience. While some institutions that want to recruit personnel for the IT department prefer new graduates to train IT managers, some prefer experts in their fields and maintain their business standards. The IT manager, who can work in public institutions on a permanent or contract basis, can take part in many companies in the private sector. The requirements to become an IT manager are as follows;

  • To follow current developments about information technologies.
  • Ability to quickly find solutions to problems.
  • To have planning and organizational skills.
  • To be suitable for collaboration and team management.
  • To have analytical thinking ability.
  • To be able to use written and verbal communication channels effectively.
  • To have done military service for male candidates.

What are the Information Technologies / IT Manager Recruitment Conditions?

When information technology manager job postings are examined, it is seen that the probability of finding a job after graduation is high. Although it is a wide-ranging job, the sectors that can be served depend on the personal goal of the IT manager candidate. It is possible to work as an IT manager in the data centers of government institutions or large private companies. The spread of internet technologies around the world has increased the workforce needed in the IT sector. Information technology manager salary ranges can be medium or high, with varying degrees. It is possible to find a job in the Turkish directorate of a foreign-based company, in banks, automotive companies, software development companies or in the offices of online sales platforms.

IT Manager Salaries 2022

As they progress in their careers, the positions they work in and the average salaries of the employees in the Information Technologies / IT Manager position are the lowest 19.400 TL, the average 24.250 TL, the highest 40.830 TL.

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