What is a Chest Diseases Specialist, What Does He Do, How To Become? Chest Diseases Specialist Salaries 2022

What is a Chest Diseases Specialist What Does It Do How to Become a Chest Diseases Specialist Salary
What is a Chest Diseases Specialist, What Does He Do, How to Become Chest Diseases Specialist Salaries 2022

A pulmonologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the respiratory system, including the lungs, bronchial tubes, nose, pharynx and throat. Lung cancer, acute complications of respiratory failure, pneumonia, bronchitis, cancer, asthma, tuberculosis, etc. cures ailments.

What Does a Chest Diseases Specialist Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

  • Examining the patient's medical history and performing a physical examination to diagnose the disease,
  • Requesting examinations such as respiratory function test, chest X-ray, skin and blood allergy test,
  • To diagnose according to test results and examination data,
  • prescribing medicine,
  • To inform patients about the treatment method,
  • To follow the treatment process and, if necessary, to change the treatment method,
  • Recommending changes in diet, exercise and home to the patient to reduce allergies and respiratory disorders,
  • To report cases of infectious diseases with fatal consequences such as tuberculosis to government agencies,
  • Conducting research to test or develop new drugs and treatment methods,
  • To show loyalty to patient privacy.

How to Become a Chest Diseases Specialist?

To become a chest diseases specialist, he/she fulfills the following education criteria;

  • To graduate with a bachelor's degree from the six-year medical faculties of universities,
  • Getting at least 50 points from the Foreign Language Exam (YDS),
  • To be successful in the Medical Specialization Examination (TUS),
  • Completing four years of pulmonary diseases education and qualifying for a professional title.

Features that a Chest Diseases Specialist Should Have

  • Have high concentration
  • To have an empathetic attitude towards patients,
  • Being able to adapt to the intense work tempo,
  • To be strong in analytical thinking,
  • To offer creative solutions to problems,
  • Demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills,
  • No military obligation for male candidates.

Chest Diseases Specialist Salaries 2022

As they progress in their careers, the positions they work and the average salaries of those working in the position of Chest Diseases Specialist are the lowest 28.140 TL, the average 35.170 TL, the highest 49.610 TL.

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