Support for Localism in Cyber ​​Security from Türk Telekom

Support to Locality in Cyber ​​Security from Turk Telekom
Support for Localism in Cyber ​​Security from Türk Telekom

Türk Telekom continues its efforts to support the domestic and national ecosystem with its National Cyber ​​Security Strategy and the vision of creating a 'Cyber ​​Homeland'. Making a statement before the 'Cyber ​​Security Week', Türk Telekom Technology Assistant General Manager Yusuf Kıraç said, “While we are protecting our country's data with 360-degree security services at Turkey's largest Cyber ​​Security Center, we accelerated our localization efforts. We are advancing our efforts to make Turkey a country that can produce its own cyber security products and market them to other countries.”

Türk Telekom will take place with its cyber security products at the 'Cyber ​​Security Week' to be organized by the Turkish Cyber ​​Security Cluster on 30 November-2 December. Many topics on cyber security will be discussed within the scope of the week in which Türk Telekom is the main sponsor of the 'International Cyber ​​War and Security Conference and National Cyber ​​Security Fair'.

Making statements before the 'Cyber ​​Security Week', Türk Telekom Technology Assistant General Manager Yusuf Kıraç said: “Cyber ​​security has now become a concept that is also addressed in national security strategies. Especially countries; They are currently working hard to prevent cyber attacks against their critical infrastructure, reduce national security vulnerabilities against cyber attacks, and minimize the damage and recovery time from cyber attacks. As Türk Telekom, we protect our country's data by offering 360-degree security services with our new products and services.”

“We support domestic and national technologies and produce them at the same time”

Noting that Turkey's largest Cyber ​​Security Center provides 7/24 service with a staff of experts certified at global standards, Kıraç said, "While we protect the data security of our country, especially our financial, telecommunications, public and e-commerce customers, we continue our localization efforts rapidly. . Within the scope of the vision of creating a 'Cyber ​​Homeland', we continue our strategy of localizing the most critical and costly products first. In addition, we believe that it is of great importance to support initiatives that develop these technologies, as well as the development of domestic and national technologies. We continue our work in line with our goal of making Turkey a country that can produce its own cyber security products and market them to other countries.”

The cyber security experts of the future are raising

Türk Telekom, as the institution with the largest cyber security center in Turkey, continues to transfer its deep-rooted knowledge and experience in this field to young people. Türk Telekom supports the career development of young people with the Cyber ​​Security Idea Marathon and Cyber ​​Security Camp organized throughout the year, and contributes to Turkey's need for trained cyber security experts. On the other hand, Türk Telekom provides services in the field of cyber security to thousands of customers such as many public institutions, local administrations, private companies, banks, e-commerce companies, energy companies, especially the largest enterprises in Turkey.

In addition, Türk Telekom also participated in the 'What is Devsecops?' will perform the 'webinar' titled

What should both institutions and end users pay attention to in the face of cyber threats:

  • Strong password should be used
  • Access to data and systems should be controlled
  • Programs and systems should be updated regularly
  • Employees should be made aware
  • Endpoint protection should be used
  • Firewall should be used
  • Data should be encrypted and backed up
  • Suppliers should be evaluated
  • Attack surface should be reduced
  • Great attention should be paid to physical safety
  • Should put killswitch (This is a kind of reactive cybersecurity protection strategy where your information technology department shuts down all systems as soon as they detect anything suspicious until they fix problems)
  • A secure cyber security policy should be established
  • Use strong authentication methods

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