KarşıyakaWork to Prevent Smell and Floods in Turkey

A Study to Prevent Smell and Taskins in Karsiyaka
KarşıyakaWork to Prevent Smell and Floods in Turkey

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZSU General Directorate has started the infrastructure works to prevent floods that may occur in excessive precipitation. Karşıyakacontinues in . “Karşıyaka Within the scope of the “Bazaar Renovation Project”, rain water and wastewater lines are separated.

The second leg of the rain water separation project carried out by the General Directorate of İZSU in 200 districts with an investment of 9 million TL last year. Karşıyaka It continues in the bazaar area. IZSU teams "Karşıyaka Within the scope of the “Bazaar Renovation Project”, it carries out renovation and repair works on the existing infrastructure lines of Kemalpaşa Street and Yalı Street. Sewerage and rainwater lines, which serve as a combined system in the region, will be separated from each other, and rain water will reach the Gulf without any pollution, and waste water will directly reach the treatment plant in its own closed system. Within the scope of the project, grates will be placed at the necessary places to ensure safe discharge of rain water. In addition, the drinking water branch lines of the buildings on the street are renewed within the scope of the work.

Works will prevent odor and floods

The project, which is of great importance for the Gulf to get rid of pollution sources, is also a precaution against possible odor problems along with floods and overflows that may occur in the region.

In order not to create a security risk and not to disrupt daily life in the region where pedestrian and vehicle traffic is heavy, works are mainly carried out at night. The project is scheduled to be completed within 2 months.

İZSU General Directorate, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, in order to minimize the effects of the climate crisis Tunç SoyerLast year, within the scope of the infrastructure mobilization initiated by Karşıyaka It had completed the production of 6 meters of rainwater separation line in Zübeyde Hanım and İnönü neighborhoods.

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