Last Minute: Detention Decision for 50 Suspects of 'Operation Whirlwind' in 264 Provinces

Last Minute Detention Decision for Ilde Vortex Operation Suspect
Detention Decision for 50 Suspects of 'Operation Whirlwind' in 264 Provinces

In line with the determinations made as a result of the planned studies carried out for about 6 months under the coordination of the Department of Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime (KOM) of the General Directorate of Security; against the suspects who are found to have committed crimes of qualified fraud, forgery of official and private documents, forgery of money, bid rigging, bribery and extortion, opposition to the Tax Procedure Law, usury (Classic and Pos Usury); GIRDAP Operation was carried out within the scope of Qualified Fraud and Financial Crimes on 50 in 15.11.2022 provinces across the country.

Within the scope of the operation, 264 suspects have been detained, while 190 individuals will be called to the police station for their statements.

They Gained the Appearance of Business Persons by Posting Jobs in Local Newspapers

In Antalya, a total of 6 victims, whose statements were taken as complainants for the Crime of Qualified Fraud, sent flowers on behalf of the Chief Advisor of the President to the Chief Advisor to the President and some deputies by sending flowers to the investment consultancy office used by the suspects themselves, where the suspects gave them the appearance of business people by posting job advertisements in local newspapers and on this occasion they met the victims. It was realized after the victims complained that the promised tenders and projects did not materialize. There are warrants of detention for 10 suspects.

They Have Signed Blank Bills With High Interest In Exchange For Gambling Debt

Again, an operation was carried out in Denizli for the crime of usury. To persons who have gambling debts in a casino run by members of the “Öterler Criminal Organization” in Denizli; The execution was carried out against 8 individuals, for whom they gave loans in return for high interest, for which they signed blank promissory notes, for whom they could not pay their debts, with threats and blackmail by using the scary power of the criminal organization, and who transferred some of the income they obtained from crime to the leader and members of the criminal organization in prison.

They Take Money With the Promise of Increasing Credit Card Limit

Within the scope of the GİRDAP Operation across the country, an operation was carried out in Mersin to target the crime of qualified fraud.
In the operation, it was determined that the complainant, who wanted to increase the credit and credit card limit through the bank employee with whom the members of the criminal organization were in contact, said that he could handle the limit increase for 20 thousand liras, and that he spent 282 thousand liras without his knowledge by taking the credit card of the complainant. Upon the complainant's request for the money, it was determined that the suspect transferred 75 thousand liras of money through his bank account with a "debt" statement, then put the complainant to execution and collected 75 thousand liras again. Another suspect, who is in the organization and introduces himself as a lawyer, can relieve the complainant's grievances, but he has to pay 36 thousand liras to the investigation prosecutor and himself, and that the people who were in the organization and introduced themselves as narcotics police when the so-called lawyer went to his house to meet with the complainant, It turned out that they tried to make a detention on the grounds that he was selling drugs to the complainant, while the so-called lawyer intervened and demanded and received 20 thousand liras in order to save the complainant from this situation.

Again, the suspect, who introduced himself as a lawyer, defrauded 2 different complainants in a different province, with the promise of closing the case files for drugs and intentional injury crimes, by taking a total of 25 thousand liras. It has been determined that they took over the vehicle worth approximately 400 thousand liras from the complainant by promising that they would be able to transfer it to him by removing it from his qualifications, and then they stalled by saying that the land in question was transferred to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism due to the forest fire in the region. was done. Within the scope of the operation, there are arrest warrants for 8 suspects in total.

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