Things to Consider in Premature Baby Care

Things to Consider in Premature Baby Care
Things to Consider in Premature Baby Care

📩 17/11/2022 16:38

Physiotherapist Yonca Görgül and Expert Psychologist Fundem Ece, one of the Yataş Sleep Board experts, shared important information about the care of premature babies on the occasion of World Premature Baby Day. Physiotherapist Yonca Görgül, one of the Yataş Sleep Board experts, said that delays in motor skills and movement problems such as crawling and walking that may occur in the future in premature babies can be prevented with physiotherapy within the scope of early intervention, and underlined that they start physiotherapy in premature babies with positioning in the intensive care unit.

Görgül stated that an important point for premature babies is the selection of incubators and beds after the incubator, and continued as follows:

“The intensive care process, which they spend most of the time lying in, and their positioning for the bed afterwards, the fact that the bed is breathing, and if we consider that they are allergic, it is made of natural and anti-allergenic materials will also help them get through this process in a healthier and more comfortable way. Considering that sudden infant deaths are common, especially in the first 4-5 months, it is very important that the mattress is of medium hardness and that it is not buried when you put it in, and that it is put to sleep in the supine position.”

Premature birth seriously affects the psychology of the mother

One of the experts of Yataş Sleep Board, Uzm. Ps. Fundem Ece said that mothers of premature babies face serious psychological problems, up to anxiety.

Ece stated that motherhood is a feeling that starts as soon as pregnancy is learned and said, “May she be born healthy and grow up, you want to hold her in your arms and feel her and embrace her with love. And when you're experiencing such feelings, imagine your baby was born prematurely. From the moment you realize that there will be a premature birth, you are entering a very difficult process. It is also very important for the baby to feel safe during this process.” she said.

Stating that premature babies can be vulnerable to any stimulus that may affect them, Ece said, “Therefore, we use nests to make them feel safe. Nest basically mimics the womb, making the baby feel safe and supporting development. When a suitable environment is created to support the baby's position, its physical development is also facilitated. Thanks to Nestler, babies feel comfortable and safe in the incubator, and they continue to develop in a healthy way until the day they meet their mothers.” she said.

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